Thanks for stopping by! My name is Shona.  I am a GRATEFUL daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, teacher and disciple of The Way, Life and Truth.  I am in awe of inspiration and the many channels through which it presents itself.  I love to learn and I enjoy sharing my interests with others.  Pursuing Higher Development in Me is a journey in holistic wellness- Mind, Body and Spirit-which includes my interests in Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Freedom and Freestyle (a little category I made up that lets me plug in any and everything!)  Why the name PHDinMe?  It is a reference to the Doctoral degree being the highest rank in education. I believe the highest level of education and learning that someone should pursue should be in Themselves as it is the key to true appreciation of Life and the ultimate pursuit of the only thing that’s real and that matters- LOVE.

I started a Spiritual Life Coaching and Style Consulting business with the same name over 8 years ago. The goal was to help clients reach higher heights in their personal goals by serving as a source of accountability for them, putting together a plan and encouraging them in the knowledge that they were capable of success.  Ultimately I was serving others by giving them what I felt I needed most.  The business was a blessing and I learned many things, however I decided to stop meeting with clients and (partly due to what I was observing and learning from clients) focus on my own PURSUIT. In the duration, I underwent a LOT of personal growth myself and now feel led to bring PHDinMe back to the fore-REVISED and Communalized by technology! I’m naturally private but I recognize the benefit in people opening up enough to be a blessing to someone else or something else.  Although I have introvert tendencies, I love people and am fascinated by the human experience! I really like smart, fun, forward moving, Can Do, positive, spirit-conscious people!  It is my hope that this blog with be a gathering place for the like minded- People Who want to be inspired and Pursue Higher Development of Themselves only- TOGETHER! Let’s Build a PHDinMeBlog Campus! Stop by Often and tell everyone you know that CLASS is in SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Light and Love!


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