This is for the Birds!

No really!

Birds have nested in the siding of my home and it is a real wonder!

First off I did not even know they COULD nest in the siding! They have taken out the insulation and thrown it to the ground! SO far my least expensive estimate for repair is $400! Yep, that is definitely for the birds

Oy vey!

It’s wild though because I am pretty annoyed with them but it’s amusing because my annoyance is absolutely useless!

They are BIRDS! They do not care at all about my annoyance frustration or the bills that we will have to pay because of the invitation they took upon themselves to take to reside in my home! I know they are trying to take care of their baby chicks and have no regard to how much damage they are doing to my home.

Oy vey!

It’s interesting to see the contrast of feeling regarding this situation, I want them out at all costs but don’t want to see them hurt, I’m unnerved at the sounds of my wall rattling with chicks and yet I’m in awe that I literally know their schedule now and look forward to how quiet I know they will be come night fall. I look at birds these days and I roll m eyes but my eyes immediately connect with the mother and father bird now with familiarity and I know which trees they perch and when they will wriggle their way back into the wall through the siding.

They have come into my world and as a result I have come into theirs.

Both of us nature. Our worlds intersecting as one.


They do not pay mortgage and the Pest Control Will be here on Wednesday to serve bird eviction! I I will sing my best bird song of GLEE to be bird FREE!

Humanely of course:) Love of Nature would not want it any other way šŸ™‚

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on

2 thoughts on “This is for the Birds!

  1. Lovely reflection. She captures the spiritual beauty of the birds’ trespassing not only into her physical home but into her daily thoughts. And she captures the conflicting emotion of her understandable annoyance.

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