Happy Birthday Granma Essie!

You came here 96 years ago today. Not going to lie, I thought you would have literally made it to 96 on earth. You were that strong! The wild thing is You left here with no ailments! You were just ready to go. Thanks for showing me that- giving me the time and strength to properly let you go.

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Wow, Your Spirit was SO STRONG today and I just want to say THANK YOU! What a mystical day I had today and I know it was a gift to me to honor you! I listened to reflections on The Artists Way by the author Julia Cameron and it was such an encouragement to me and then I listened to an interview between Caroline Myss and Clarissa Pinkola Estes on Intuition and the Mystical life. It was stunning Granma! So many pieces came together. I frowned a bit when they kept talking about their catholic perspective because quite frankly I felt excluded because I am not catholic. Then they spoke of the nuns and I realized, I was included! My spiritual foundation is not complete without my catholic upbringing and Sr. Terese and the Sisters of Mercy. Oh my goodness. I was almost bought to tears. You put me in that school when it did not even make sense. You gave me the most valuable things you had and that was your FAITH and and belief in education. You found the best combination of both and signed me up and granma, it worked. I am now a committed Disciple of Yeshua and I KNOW that’s what you wanted.

Photo by Miczu on Pexels.com

You always told me to Stay in Jesus. Because you loved him and wanted the best for me. You wanted the best for everyone I know but you invested in me. I’m so grateful. I know mine looks far less traditional than the way you did it but I know you are OKAY with that. I know you bless it because you know my heart is all the way in Jesus. That was what was important to you. That’s why you were fine with me in Catholic School. You knew Jesus was there and so in spite of doctrine and dogma, you enrolled me. 13 whole years! LOL! As long As I would be around those and that which would profess his name. You stayed the course with my schooling and it made a difference.

Photo by Mary Taylor on Pexels.com

Today my children know the world that can’t be seen and they know how to to connect to it through prayer. The know the scriptures better than most and have challenged me to stay on top of my word game! I am on the right road because I follow The WAY and its all because of your LOVE for your son and his daughter me. I just marvel. I know there is so much more to the story but this is good. I know you passed me the baton grandma. You even told me that night. You knew and you told me 18 months before you left. Amazing. I knew too even though I didn’t want to think about you leaving just then. But we knew and I haven’t forgotten. I have it granma and I will run as far as I can and I want you to know, I’m making more batons because I’m raising up new disciples in your great grand children and believe me, they are thoroughbreds ready to run and win- int the mighty name of Jesus!

Photo by Vanderlei Longo on Pexels.com

You ALWAYS loved being celebrated on your birthday with no shame- lol. You were proud of your age which has helped me to walk in my womanhood as I age with boldness and joy! I celebrate you today Granma! You were the best grandmother just as I told you the last time I saw you. I love you forever and I thank you so much still!

Your grandaughter,


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