45 Years Ago Today

You were born and I was 10 months yet to be.

The doctors said you had about 3 days to live

You defied those odds by 19 years

Today your oldest nephew asked to confirm that today was your birthday

By doing so he reminded me that it sure was

I’m so proud that he knows about his aunt and remembers her birthday

Your oldest niece wears your name proudly

Your youngest nephew asked all about you as we talked around the table about your fortitude as his big sister softly answered questions with accuracy before I could.

My heart beams that they love their mothers big sister whom they have never meant.

Your legacy will live on through them forever. They know how much you mean to their mother. I’m so happy about that. They know I do not want you forgotten. They honor that which blesses my heart.

For now, you keep motivating and inspiring me to be my very best everyday. I love you so much. I wished to tears you could have been healed because then and still now I needed a well big sister so badly.

But I know in my heart that it was DIVINE ORDER. God has done so much through your life that has lifted me that, all I can do is Thank Him AND Thank you my precious, sweet, beautiful and funny big sister!

I’m comforted to know that I am YOUR LITTLE SISTER. Yes, I am a little sister forever. I need that big sis which is why I will always miss you and what I wish was for us. But it wasn’t and I accept that.

I know YOU are one real reason why I am the amazing woman who I am today and will continue to be forever. Just like YOU!

I love you FOREVER big sis! Tears of Love, Joy and oh so much GRATITUDE right now.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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