💯 Word Tribute

100 years ago you were born. Wow sounds like ancient times but it feels like yesterday when I thought I’d lose my mind

When I received the news that you were gone I thought the rest of my days I would mourn.

I felt so guilty even taking a bite to eat, I felt so helpless in a state of defeat

I had almost graduated I wanted you to be proud and now I was left to help pick your burial gown.

23 years later and I have healed The Love and joy you gave me no devil can steal!

flag of u s a standing near tomb
My grandmother is a WWII veteran interred in veteran’s cemetery Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

I challenged myself to write this poem in honor of my beloved maternal grandmother Pearl who would have been 💯 years old today!  I did not want to stop 🛑 writing ✍🏾 and almost started doing an essay because I felt the poem was limiting me but I allowed myself to be led and I know this is perfect 👌🏿 because the truth is no matter how much I would or could have written, it could never fully encompass all my grandmother meant to me. But perhaps one word can: Love 💗

heart shaped candle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love you forever Grandma Pearl! You are still the best and I’m still going to make you proud. Wish you could have stayed with me forever until I realize, you did!

Love 💕 you so much! Thank you so much 😊 ,

Your granddaughter,

Shona 👸🏿


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