Mental Health 2020

I learned at the end of last month That May was Mental Health Month but with 2020 being what it has been thus far, I vote to make this Year the first Mental Health YEAR!  Whose with me?

Whether you are or are not, my main point is that our mental health should be at a top priority on our list of To Do’s.

I have learned over the years to do an honest inventory of myself and my mental standing and if anything is off kilter to try my best to identify what it may be and compassionately address it.

I’ve never been one to feel like I had someone to lean on so I became very good at leaning on myself.  That’s all good until you buckle under yuir own weight.  Thankfully I wasn’t built to buckle, but I have had to take a seat.

These days before taking a seat I have learned to call a time out.

Several weeks ago, a series of situations caused me to be particularly unnerved. I knew instictively I need to take a step back.  I’m on a time out now.  Taking time to examine my thoughts, stay as stress free as possible, staying alert to triggers, keeping a check on my emotions and just honoring when I do not feel the best.

self care isn t selfish signage
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I take the time to explain this type of mental self care to my children so that they are informed  and even positioned to help if/when necessary.  My children have come to value my mental self care techniques because they know that mommy is doing something good for herself which is good for her and them.  I also assure them that I will be fine because that is my belief.  Sometimes I even tell them how long a turnaround will take because I have practiced enough in the past to know or at least have a good idea.

I feel myself almost fully charged now and will no doubt be back to myself in no time!  Interestingly enough, its never back to my old self, its back to myself refreshed, renewed and improved.  This is a reward that makes mental self care worth practicing!

Here’s to all of us and our Well-Being of Mind!

With Love,

Empress Shona IsLoved

——We create our life experiences through how we THINK

——Let this mind be in You that was also in Christ Jesus





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