For Friday June 5, 2020

Wowsers!  2020! There has been a LOT going on this year of course and this week more specifically.  Things are happening very fast so if you are viewing this video it means that I feel it is just as relevant and appropriate as the day I recorded it (Tuesday June 2, 2020). I am glad much of the week as passed as I never want to release such an important message as hype or just for clicks.  As a descendent of Enslaved Africans of the U.S.A and as a woman who has a husband, sons and a brother who “look like me”, it’s just too serious to do for views. 

Even in the midst of a viral pandemic we find that the dehumanization of Native Black Americans or Black American Descendants of Enslaved Africans continues.

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The most recent highlight of this crime against humanity was caught on tape in Minneapolis, MN but there are so many more not on tape and that did not make the press.  My people know this.  Non Black Americans know this.  Moderate so called whites know this and the perpetrators of these crimes know this.

The excuse by Moderates of “ignorance” is nothing more than a copout.  If indeed ANY American is ignorant of historical, continued and systemic racism and cruelty towards Black Americans and the negative effects thereof, it is indeed WILLFUL ignorance.  And makes anyone with that false claim of ignorance COMPLIANT with these crimes.  This is not up for debate it is the TRUTH.

I could go way deeper, farther and wider on this topic but I will instead choose to focus on the premise for this channel which is to PURPOSE a Higher Degree in OURSELVES.

It has been good to see so called white people whom I have not seen do so before take a public stance against police brutality and inequity of justice towards Black Americans.  I’m in no way patting these people on the back for finally coming out from the sidelines after watching my people gasp for life (literally), but I am thankful to see some of them tag in.  Both men and women.  I’m also thankful for non “whites” who have done the same.  My people absolutely need your help in a system that was designed from jump to see them dehumanized and oppressed.  We are STILL having to fight for freedom and equal rights and that SHOULD be EVERY Americans fight along with us!  The record shows that my people have done much fighting within the system and every gain we have attained, other groups of people have absolutely benefitted from without a single acknowledgement for our efforts, contributions, or very lives.  I ask now that you give back. (By the way, the number one benefactor of affirmative action has been WHITE WOMEN!- Please do not get it twisted.  DO your homework!)

Let’s BUILD on this momentum of not standing for public servants unnecessarily hurting, maiming and killing certain sectors of the public disproportionately.  Let EVERYONE speak out against the health care disparities that cause Black people to lead in COVID-19 deaths and over 243% more likely to dies from childbirth!

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If you can educate yourself on the stock market, the environment, the animals, technology, space flight, entertainment, makeup, Greco Roman history, fashion, style, and home decor –surely you can educate yourself on your fellow man and woman, that is in need of progressive partnership even if their skin is darker than yours or their hair curlier or their nose broader.  IN other words even if they are Black.  We are not scary (if you think so ask yourself why we would be any more than any other human being).  We are human just like YOU!  It hurts in ways you can not imagine to be treated like anything less.

Please seek ways to continue to learn more about Native Black American History and the Consequences of the Transatlantic Slave Trade as well as The Enslavement Holocaust.  So many people in humanity have suffered so much at the hands of their fellow brothers and sisters of humanity and just as their stories are important so is OURS. Particularly when we struggle in a land that we helped build and establish and fought in EVERY SINGLE American war for.  

We never want to LIVE in the past but we have to acknowledge both the good and the bad of how the past affects the present.  In doing this we can act in the present towards a better future for all.

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As it relates to today please lend your voice, your hand, your vote and your wallet to the cause in the fight for freedom, justice, equality and respect for Black Americans as ALL Americans.  The following organizations are just a starting point to how you can contribute beyond the voting booth.

Campaign Zero, an organization committed to ending police brutality in America, and The Bail Project, which combats mass incarceration and helps protesters get home safely. Find out more about these two platforms focused on long-term change & how you can support via &

I want to thank you for reading this post and considering the points contained within.  I hope you will respond in a way that Lifts us to Purpose a Higher Degree!

With Love and Hope,

Empress Shona IsLoved


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