Back On Track

Ever felt so off track that the only place left was back on track?

That is how I have felt these last few days which have made the days feel like forever!

Try as I might I just could not seem to pull myself together the way that I know that I normally can.  And then it hit me: STRONGHOLD!

I was in a stronghold.  Behind the GATE and I was not able to break free.

I won’t go too deep without providing context and being that tonight (5-20-20) is Asian night and I am in the middle cooking dinner for my children (who are quite averse to ANYthing that even looks burnt on their food) I will summarize by saying I was miserably stuck Spirit Scholars and I was feeling bad about it. It lasted way too long.

Fear brought it on. Courage, Faith and Action brought me out.  I don’t want to go back.

I appreciate you reading this.  It’s nice to have company.

family gathering for a group hug
Photo by August de Richelieu on

Be well,

Empress Shona IsLoved



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