Mental Mojo Monday! Promise in the Desert

Hey Spirit Scholars!

It’s Time to give our Monday a shot of MOJO to get our Mental engine in the right gear to make this week what we need it to be to have what we individually consider a successful week!

Yesterday, I began to tell you the Bible story of Hagar whose faith was weakened due to the hard conditions she was enduring.  In spite of the promise that God had given her (some bible scholars say about 17 years) prior that her son would be a nation, Hagar’s circumstances caused her to grow weary and doubt God’s promises to the point where she positioned her son to die once they had run out of water.  Hagar then sat afar from the boy and sobbed.

After hearing from an angel, God opened Hagar’s eye’s and she saw a well of water, from which she gave her son a drink. The rest, as they say, is history…

Some of you are like Hagar, you can no longer sense the dream, vision or goal that you were once so sure of and that fueled you because of the hard times you have endured on your life journey.  Some of you have lost hope not because things were so hard but because it has taken so long for the promise to manifest.  You are sobbing through procrastination, inaction, negativity and the like and you are in an overall dry place.

I’m here to tell you to LISTEN! And LOOK UP!  Dry your proverbial or maybe even literal tears because there is an oasis in sight and it is there to refresh your dreams and revive your life! God is a PROMISE KEEPER! Stay on course, keep the faith and watch your nation (the promise) take shape!

And with that Spirit Scholars remember you are loved because indeed you are and know that I am coming to you with the Joy that gives me strength.

Abundant Love Beloveds,

Empress Shona Isloved



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