June 1st- Maybe my worst day this year!

Hey Spirit Scholars 👩‍🏫 👨🏾‍🏫!

Its been a long time I know.

Today was a VERY hard day mentally emotionally and spiritually for me  Thankfully not physically!

Im fine I just saw a LOT of things that need to be further developed in myself and I just felt sad 😞 Disturbed 😦 anxious 😟 angry 😡 annoyed 😑 and defeated 😕. I spent most of the entire day this way after having awaken just fine. I let one irrelevant person and then two through me way off but I realized they were just the lamps that she’s light 💡 in the reality that I had already been thrown off by not coming through for myself.

So here I am again  STILL pursuing a higher degree in me. In fact NOW more than ever.

Back to Basics.

Thanks to all who read this.  You should already imagine my amazed gratitude 🙏🏾 Considering my neglect of my blog. But no more empty promises.

I feel it’s put up or shut up 🤐 time. Time will tell.

With a desire to Go Higher and Maximize my moment and potential,

Shona aka Empress Shona IsLoved


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