Happy New Year Spirit Scholars! 2019 is Here!!!!!!

man with fireworks
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Hey Spirit Scholars!

Oh my goodness it has been AWHILE!  After my last post I decided to give my YouTube channel some much needed attention and do Vlogmas.  Vlogmas is where Youtube content creators make a video every day from December 1st through Christmas Day.  I wasn’t really expecting too much to come from it, which is pretty sad considering how much work it takes.  Thankfully the universe is always more faithful to me than I am to myself and because of the work I put in I gained over a 156% increase in subscribers and views on my youtube channel!  I had so many comments that I could not keep up because it was not something that I was used to.  Indeed it was a GREAT encouragement to me!  I am so happy to be getting my message out on Self Love and Self Improvement anchored in the teachings of Yeshua through my Afro Christian Spiritual Lens!

It was my WordPress Spirit Scholars Family that really helped me to know that at least something I was saying had worth in the minds of others and I so appreciate that!  SO a tremendous thank you to EVERYONE who EVER left a positive COMMENT and FOLLOWED this BLOG!  It has meant so much to me!

affection appreciation decoration design
Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

So I’m moving forward, onward and upward in Pursuing a Higher Degree in myself and I am inviting you to join me anew!  I’m more excited than ever to share my journey with you as I keep developing my voice and getting closer and closer to who I want to be.

If you value, encouragement, enlightenment, edification and empowerment for YOUR life’s journey be sure to FOLLOW PHD in Me BLOG today! I will be covering holistic wellbeing- MIND, BODY and SPIRIT!

Come back for the next post- Wordless Wednesday- I will be honing my amateur photography skills using my iPhone!  This month I will be focusing on Street photography after having been inspired by a photographer whose work I recently viewed on YouTube! (I’m on YouTube ALOT so unfortunately I do not remember the channel name to share).

Please leave a comment as to what Wholistic Wellness topics you would like to see on the blog and if it aligns with my mission for my blog I will look into included it as a post!

Thanks so much!  Let’d make 2019 our greatest year yet!

woman closes her eyes raising her right hand
Photo by Asa Dugger on Pexels.com

Abundant Love Beloveds,




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