Last Monday of October 2018

Hey Spirit Scholars!

I’m feeling reinvigorated to buckle down on my goals to end 2018 strong!

I installed the realize app on my cell phone to keep track of how long I have been on and as of this morning, I was down 36% over the past week!  Not bad for someone who had crossed into the early addict zone.  Last Monday I deleted my Youtube app!  I REALLY felt a major difference last week not having it.  For one, it stood out all the more the different and on a whim ways I was using Youtube!  Anything from homeschool to random songs or interests that would just pop up in my head.  Second, I had a big feeling of being proud of myself for deleting the app!  I literally said to myself, “who just did that?  LOL!  In the meantime, I listened to books on tape as I had in the past.  I’m currently “reading” We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta Nehisi Coates.  I’m enjoying it immensely.

This morning I down loaded YouTube again on my phone for the first time since last Monday.  I discovered last week that it is dreadful to watch Youtube any other way than on the app if you are using your phone which is funny because I took the longest get the app in the first place and was already one my way to addict land before I got the app! I listened to some of my old faithful Youtube Creators, some to encourage me in the Flylady House Keeping System, One about budgeting and another about earning money on Amazon, they were all “eh”. The one that was worth tuning into today for me was, Terry Savelle Foy which I listened to a few vids and particularly liked her Where will you be in five years?”  She’s a small voiced little white lady but there were a few moments in that video where she edged on sounding like a black southern baptist preacher.  LOL!  I left a note telling her such in love!

My plan of action to continue to break the smartphone/youtube consumer habit is to take the app off again before I reunite with my children and KEEP it off until either the weekend or next Monday.  I will keep you posted and I WILL be honest!

I hope this blog post today encourages your heart as you read the ways I have Pursued a Higher Degree in myself this past week and know that you can do the same and perhaps more!  In fact tell me in the comments, what HAVE you done this past week to PHD in yourself?  What will you do this week?

Be sure to FOLLOW PHDinMEBlog now!  It would sure bless my little heart to see our community grow with like minds or even respectful and peaceful unlike minds!

Greater things to come!







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