Motivation Monday! Join the 90-90 Challenge

Hey 👋🏿 Spirit Scholars!

Long time no blog :/ I know BUT today is OCTOBER 1st and it marks the beginning of my 90-90 challenge!

What’s that you ask? I’m glad you did! It is  your invitation to use the next 90 days to CRUSH your goals! Here’s How:

For the next 90 days you will take 90 minutes per day to work ONLY toward your top three goals! However you want to break down your 90 minutes is up to you but you must aim to reach the max of 90 minutes!

Record your minutes everyday for the next 90 days on your calendar for the grand tabulation when we celebrate 🎉 on December 31st!

Bonus: you actually get 2 extra days because Oct and December have 31 days and not just 30:)

So START TODAY! Write down your top 3 goals you wanted to accomplish in 2018. You can do a lot in a day let alone 3 MONTHS!!  YOU CAN do this!!!

For extra accountability write your goals down in the comment section and let the entire Spirit Scholars 👩‍🏫 community encourage you to reach your 2018 dreams, whether you dreamed them in January or just when you read this post!

Im excited and I’m BACK! Join me in this 90-90 challenge and let’s celebrate 🎊 and share what we accomplished in December 31st!

Light and Love 💗



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