Thursday Thoughts- My Conversion from Mainstream Christian to Free in Christ!



I am a student of Christ .  I follow the WAY (sometimes crawling, sometimes toddling, sometimes walking, sometimes running).   I practice the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus the Christ).  I was raised in the Christian religion.

My Faith is a foundational part of my human experience and identity.  No matter what else is going on, what starts or what stops my spiritual life is always center.

I am one who does not believe in Heaven and Hell as destinations in the afterlife! Uh OH!  Most ALL mainstream Christians who know this are scared for my soul and call me deceived, which is another way to say I am hell bound. Oh Vey! The sad thing is so many people leave the practice of Christianity because of these mainstream doctrines and it’s a shame because there is so much freedom, love, life and joy in Jesus! NOT the ‘if you do it my way Or believe everything that I believe manipulative and controlling Jesus, but the one who came to give LIFE that whosoever might believe may have it more ABUNDANTLY!

I walk with that Jesus- The Way- and I do experience the ABUNDANCE that comes from living a life in him which means study and practicing His teachings.

I did not always believe this way, the change began about 5 years ago.  It was NOT easy and my number one concern when I started asking, seeking and knocking was that indeed I was “gonna go to hell.”

The indoctrination is SCARY and so much of it is self imposed for most Mainstream “christians” today.  The more fundamanetalist sects are much more intentional about their imposition.

I am just glad I am free!  PRAISE THE LORD!  Now I hope I can communicate this FREEDOM in CHRIST in the best way possible.  NOT in an effort to Convert only in an effort to share this Good News that has the power to Change, Heal, Uplift, and Magnify and Color and Illuminate Life! And if someone already has a path that has led to these things- Bravo 👏🏿  Then perhaps they have things I can learn from as I have from brothers such as Brother Thich Knat Hahn a Buddhist. The coolest thing about My Master Teacher is that he is secure and very much OKAY 👌🏿 with that.  Mark 9:40, Luke 9:50. But you won’t be learning that in any mainstream church. They are not secure. And apparently they have a patent on Jesus and this ancient Christian religion. And THINK they have the final say on who is in and who is out. Lol 😂 Smh 🤦🏿‍♀️

Last year someone who says she is a Christian, whom I believed to be a friend, who called me her sister, disfellowshipped me from her life the moment she found out my belief.  It took her a week to tell me and she did so over text (coward).  During that week, I could sense she was leading up to it and it was so frightening.  I did not want the rejection that would solidify what I knew was not only going to be coming from her but from the majority of people with whom I had once felt on one accord- in the major areas- and safe.

She cursed me with scriptures, told me I was following a spirit guide (therefore demonic) and was deceived and said she did it because she loved me.  It hurt.  I knew she believed she was doing it out of love and for that reason, combined with a strong restraint by the Holy Spirit (The God in Me), I did not respond to her at all.  Even though my flesh wanted to SLAP the wicked arrogance right out of her heart! Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me toward The Wisdom that produces restraint ( self-control).  This allowed me to produce GOOD FRUIT and THAT is how you KNOW who someone is Spiritually.

MATTHEW 7:16-20

Free and Joyfilled in Christ,


(Stay tuned to more -Free in Christ- Posts)


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