Monday Momentum Message

Hey Spirit Scholars 👨‍🏫,

I am typing this on my phone and in the BED. I am learning that at a certain time everything must be put to rest so that I can get some rest!  I do not have that lesson down packed but I hope too. So with that said, this will be short.

Actually, I am only posting to maintain the momentum of daily posts. I know what happens when I do not post because something is not the way I want it to be- a.k.a perfectionism:/

Then, the next day something is not right either and the next thing you know- days, weeks and in my case months have passed with no posts :/ ( negative momentum)

By the same token, I know what happens when you maintain positive momentum and do something in alignment with your goals everyday, no matter how big  or how small. You get PROGRESS that leads to RESULTS!!

Scholars you will have momentum either way, which direction will you choose through your actions or lack thereof?

Have a Good 😊 Night and a Great Week!



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