Friday Funday

Hey Spirit Scholars!

Not only is it Friday but it is only one hour until midnight and I am just able to get to my blog!  WHERE HAS THE DAY GONE?

Man, no wonder Cher wanted to ‘turn back time’.  lol!  

I had a good day.  It has been a different sort of week for me because I have not worked out since Monday morning.  That is quite unusual for me barring very bad weather or vacation.  I was bored with my gym routine and sort of just leaned into that mode.  

It is wild because I do very varied workouts but the streak of boredom just came on hard and out of nowhere, so I was not prepared for it and did not have any thing in place to shake the boredom workout blues.  My oldest daughter said, “yeah mommy, but you do them all the time so it is a ROUTINE.”  She nailed it.  I hope to get back in motion in full swing next week (starting Sunday with Tae Kwon Do Practice!).  

I hope to develop a new plan for the month this weekend.  Would you like me to share it with you?  Let me know in the comments!

Light and Love,



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