Monday Motivation!

Hey Scholars!

Is it really the middle of July already!!  If the saying that time flies when you are having fun is true then my life must be a BLAST!  LOL!


Seriously, everyday seems to SPEED by!  I read an article the other day on VOX (first time I heard of the media outlet) and it detailed why the Donald Trump presidency feels like it has been going on for an eternity- lol- and it the reason they said was scientific.  It said that when things are OK times moves fast but when they are not we have a tendency to focus on the abnormal or problematic circumstance and time slows down!  What do you think?  Share your constructive thoughts in the comment section!

I guess Trump supporters (obviously not VOX writers- haha) are in Speed Warp mode these days!  LOL!  No politics today on this post (but stay tuned!!), just a notation of how time is moving like the wind between my fingers!

Mothering is my FIRST priority and my Passion!  As my babies are getting older, I am having to shift gears and reassess.  And they just keep getting older!!  lol!  Which means I am always on the move mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is all encompassing and can be exhausting but I am SO GRATEFUL!  

My oldest will be 12 tomorrow (last year before I have a teenager- YIKES!!!).  She says she doesn’t want to do anything- WHAT?  Has an alien entered my home!!  I had a one on one with her today and it appears that sincerely and with happiness she does not want to do anything and she has only one request for a gift AND she wants to buy her siblings (from her own money) the same gift she is requesting for her birthday as she thinks they will like it and they can use it with her.  HUH???  WOW!  


For as much as I check my self as a person and as a mother, my daughters birthday desires tell me that as of today- I am on the right track. WHEW!  

And that IS how you assess.  YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT!  If you want to know how you are doing in anything- check the FRUIT!  Become a fruit inspector in your own life! Overweight, Tired, Dull skin, Broke- this is all Bad Fruit, but Fruit has a root and you can uproot whatever is not working and plant new seeds.  It all takes care and patience but it can be done and in time (and not always a very long time) you will see the seedlings that will spring forth a bountiful Harvest.

Two weeks ago (ALREADY!) I went to a family reunion and everyone was talking about my having lost weight and my glowing skin and shiny hair and pretty white smile.  haha!  I thought, “Gee Wiz, I need to come to family reunions more often, you guys are so sweet to say these things!”  Truly, I do not think about the things they mentioned because most of the time, I am just doing life, but when they said them, I did not have a bit of false modesty, I just said thank you.  I know good and well how I look and feel at any given moment and the key is, whether it is good or bad, I acknowledge it and take action even if the action, is just THINKING about what I can do to get to where I need to be, maintain or improve.  I know they were just acknowledging the FRUITS of my labor.  And labor it is.  That alarm clock sounds SO HATEFUL at 4:15 am and that snooze button acts like it’s my friend until we begin to battle because I keep hitting it and it seems to be annoyed at such a violent attack and sounds off again :/).  lol-  It won’t be easy attaining your harvest but it will be worth it.

And so as we move forward into summer and try to cherish the days before school starts- NOOOOOO!  (Yes, I am just as bad as the kids on this one- we homeschool and there is a TON of things to do to get ready!:). I am assessing, evaluating, prioritizing, dreaming and inspecting fruit!


I have a lot of exciting things I want to do and I am trying to make it all work while being MOM in Chief FIRST!  

Thanks for your patience as I find ways to make my blog activity and presence a higher priority.  Seems very often it is the first thing to go by the waste side.  But I heard a fellow (Roberto Blake on You Tube) say recently, “I wish Steve Jobs had a of Vlogged his life everyday!”  This guy is a techie and a vlogger and very inspired by Steve Jobs, he wishes he could have seen his PROCESS.  Highs and Lows.  

 I began to think the same thing of my grandmothers, I thought, “man I would love to see what my grandmothers were thinking or would do at this that or the other intersection of life” My grandmothers were my Sheroes.

Perhaps my children or grandchildren may feel the same way one day.  Or like in the Case of Jobs and Blake, maybe even someone I will never know but came across my site and was inspired. Which is my purpose for the blog in the first place.  To inspire all who read my post to PURSUE a HIGHER DEGREE in themselves- To Live Powerfully and Love Passionately!


As I continue to Dream and find new meaning in this medium, I invite you to join me here at PHDinMeBlog as I Pursue a Higher Degree in Me in Mothering, Marriage and MORE.  Hopefully you will see more consistency in posting. Seems like I post and then I don’t and the next thing you know months have passed- ACK!  lol!  Shoot, I have had to say this multiple times I know, but so it goes.  THANK YOU to those who have FOLLOWED this blog even in my absence!  YOU have encouraged me greatly!

If someone can give me the secret to time control, that would be very helpful!  Or at least help me to catch the wind instead of watching it slip through my fingers!

I love you that much more if you have read this whole post- MUAH!  I feel good for having written it and in THAT it has accomplished it’s purpose!  I’m happy with me and this Fruit!

I hope you do what it is that YOU have been wanting to do but have been putting off!  Just for 10 minutes even!  You will be so glad!  Trust me!

Be sure to FOLLOW PHDinMeBlog and Join me on my Journey!  Let’s Go HIGHER together!

Light and Love, 












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