Motivation Monday

Hey Scholars!

Unexpectedly, I just finished crying some good tears!

As I was setting up to start my cleaning routine I put on YOUTUBE and my algorithms flashed the thumbnail of a story about a little girl entrepreneur!  I thought, “ohm she’s cute let’s see what she is doing!”

The little girl is Miss Asia Newson and her business is Super Business Girl!  

Photo from

According to her website,, Asia says: My Mission is to recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent.  

More simply put Asia’s mission is to teach other children to become Entrepreneurs (as also stated on the website) while making a profit.

What makes this an above average story is that Asia is from Detroit.  A city considered multidimensionally destitute, particularly within certain demographics- aka- poor black  AND white folks (think 8 mile) and recently named amongst the most violent cities.

Time cover on Detroit

Asia defies statistics.  She is from a two parent family, where her parents are very supportive and involved in her life.  Her upbringing has taught her to see the opportunities and BEAUTY of Detroit and one of her aspirations is to become the city’s mayor!  Yep, at this point in her young life, she plans to STAY in her home city!

While it may be easy to dismiss Asia as too young to know better or too young to get credit for much of her own accomplishments (as obviously her parents have had a HEAVY hand in all aspects of her notoriety and success), I would say not so fast.  To be amongst children today is to know that the type of attitude that Asia displays, while not unheard of by any stretch, is certainly not COMMON!

So why the tears?  Although, I am so very happy for Asia, now 13 years old, and for all the lives she will inspire though her work, my tears came from seeing the CHILD inside of this SUPER business girl.

You see in the second video I watched of Asia, she was on the Ellen Degeneres show and doing a splendid job of the interview. Although admittedly sounding a bit scripted at times, her bright bubbly personality shown through.

At one point, Ellen asked her what would be her first order of business as president of the United States and Asia answered that she wanted to, and I paraphrase, build a big building for homeless people and give them $150 a week and let them go in and out as they please and they would all be her best friends.  

Photo by flickr sharghzadeh

THAT. WAS. IT. FOR. ME. I just started to boo-boo! LOL! OH MY GOSH! HOW INCREDIBLY SWEET and INNOCENT! My LAWD! I can cry again just thinking of it. With as rehearsed as she can be, her childish and sweet heart took center stage with this response and I must say, I liked Ellen’s response as well after she sat with a stare- “Why CAN’T we do that?”

I am just that kind of person Scholars.  I know it’s sappy and I know the cynics say “dream on” but I cherish the idea of US loving each other FOR REAL and helping each other to the best of our abilities, with no race or politics holding us back.  What a vision! THIS is why Christ said UNLESS you are like one of these (a child) you will NOT see the KINGDOM of HEAVEN!  Can you see it?

The other thing that really stood out to me about Asia’s statement was that it suggested that she had a need from the homeless- that they be her best friends.  That they had value in that they had something to give HER -friendship!  Wow!  Most often it’s about us GIVING to the homeless or the needy but rarely if ever is the perspective seen of them having something valuable to give.  Again, wow.  And all this from a then 11 year old.

© Photography by Shona

So, I’m feeling hopeful on this Monday ya’ll!  Hopeful about Entreprenuership, Hopeful about Giving and hopeful about Receiving and with young people like Asia hopeful about Tomorrow.  With daily antagonisms, We need this HOPE!  We need this LOVE!

LOVE is HOPE (1 Cor:13).  I HOPE you have a great Monday and a great week!

You are Loved,


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2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Great story. More and more children are becoming aware at a young age that creating a business is an important concept for future development. I hope they learn that GOOD HEALTH is the foundation required to LIVE a chosen lifestyle. Although money is certainly important to sustain life, it doesn’t directly act as a catalyst to achieve happiness or good health. Children need to learn to balance there lives as they grow and develop.
    Great share!


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