Thursday Thought

This morning, upon arriving to Body Pump class, I noticed a women (let’s call her Deb- do not know her name) eagerly and quickly setting up two place settings in preparation for the workout.

This stood out all the more because she was in a spot that has faithfully been occupied by a woman  (let’s call her Sally- I do not know her name either) who has been coming to the class since it’s inception at the beginning of the year.

Sally ended up directly next to me in the front of the class and more to the middle center of the room instead of her nice little corner on the side.  She leaned over next to me and said, “I do not feel comfortable in the center of the room like this!” of course looking very dismayed.

I responded, by saying “Aww, I know.  When I saw the other lady I thought of you and your spot- we are such creatures of habit”. I could tell she appreciated the empathy and yet realized how absurd it was for her to take such ownership of the spot.

I have know doubt she thought of it the whole class.  As she did not have the  energetic countenance at the end of the class as she normally does.

What’s worse?  Phantom Friend NEVER SHOWED UP!  The entire time that workout setting complete with mat, towel and bench sat EMPTY.  As it was right next to me to my right, I looked multiple times at Deb and then the bench.  I guess she felt judged because at one point she flash an abnormally huge smile at me.  It did not dawn on me until later that the smile was condescending.  In the moment I just thought it was surprising and odd. lol!

I thought about how STOOD up she must have felt.  The gym opens at 5 am and I arrived at 5:01 and when I walked into the classroom she was already there setting up enthusiastically in the front side corner of the class- Sally’s spot! smh:) Like a little busy bee in a tulip patch.  It was obvious she has woken up early to do this.  I can imagine that she totally believed that Phantom Friend was coming and was happy about it.  Towards the end of the class, I saw her enthusiasm wane as she, like me had no other choice than to lunge and change weights next to an empty bench.

SO- One persons decision literally physically impacted 3 two people Deb and someone they don’t even know, Sally.  Could have gotten someone else involved due to the snarky insecure mega smile- If I were a different kind of person- and probably  provoked plenty of others to judge and most likely not positively especially because space in the class was at a premium. And even my Spirit Scholars-you- are affected because you are reading this now!

And of course Phantom Friend did not do themselves a favor by not working out- because let’s face it most likely it was not an emergency that kept them coming to the 5:15 AM class.  More like the snooze button!


What we do matters and affects those around us and even those we do not even KNOW are being affected.  It is really amazing that this is the case and unfortunate that we do not think of the reality of this more often.  We are ALL connected!  What we DO matters, What we SAY matters.  INTEGRITY MATTERS

Light and Love Spirit Scholars,



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