Magic Monday, Magnificent May-Musings

Good Morning Scholars!

Here we are in the fifth month of 2017.  It really is true that the older you get the faster time moves.

© Photography by Shona


I am also finding that the older I get the more precious time becomes or more specifically how it is spent and with whom.

I feel more passionate than ever to make my moments count and concentrate on experiences.  This is not always easy with the daily practical items that have to checked off of the to do list. 

For example, I just had a parent teacher meeting about the upcoming school year and then I had to go fill up on gas.  Nothing special and actually quite monotonous.  Maybe even boring.  But in each I tried (because sometimes you really have to try before you can do- sorry Master Yoda🙂 to be fully present and reel in from distractions (although truth be told I think many meetings are distractions in and of themselves- busy work!).

I tried to enjoy MYSELF in both circumstances and I believe I did a good job! 🙂 LOL!  Please note the MYSELF!  To repeat, I enjoyed MYSELF, in what I had to do this morning.  I enjoyed MY effort of going to the gym anyway even though I got their after my regular time and therefore did not have as much time as normal.  I was happy that I still wanted to go and that I still got MY miles in.

I am not sure what it is about the world that tells you to love yourself and then when you do tells you not to :/ BUT I say, WORLD BYE!  I hope today and during this month of MAY you can find ways to celebrate YOU- good, bad or indifferent.  I hope you can enjoy YOU!  I hope you can be kind and merciful to YOU!  That’s my plan. I can tell you it will be a challenge for some of us especially when we have people who are in our lives who are close to us that create hurdles in this process with negativity. I guess I am going to have to put my track shoes on and learn to jump hurdles!


I think that in doing so I will walk in the very love that I AM and the peace, joy and satisfaction that comes from that has just got to have benefits for those I connect with as well.  WIN WIN for all!  It may not be easy but it will be worth it.






One thought on “Magic Monday, Magnificent May-Musings

  1. A great post! I love that you gave it an honest effort to be present and enjoy each moment, even during the more monotonous tasks. 🙂 It does take effort – some days more than others. haha! ❤ I also love that ending! "I am worth it and you are worth it." – that's a tweetable quote if ever there was one! 🙂

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