Motivation Monday (Night Edition)!

Hey Scholars!

What a day!  

I decided today to consciously be kind to myself by giving myself a break!  Now I could have done better with this- haha!  See it’s not easy for me to do- smh, but I think I did ok and I am glad I did it and so that alone is a success.

Photography by Shona

I allowed myself to take a nap, but I didn’t allow myself to sleep peacefully through it.  I gave myself permission to slow down and it felt great but it was interspersed with thoughts of all I should have been doing!  Ackkk!  BUT I did do it a bit and when I was fully present and resting in the moment of conscious “chill mode” I really felt AT PEACE and I really liked it!

So I am going to try to do that a little bit more.  Already I am thinking well, if you are going to give yourself relax time you have to make sure everything else is in order first or make this relaxation time be a reward for your work, not just relaxing in the middle of not getting things done!  LOL!  I have to least, at least I can HEAR the absurdity in my own head sometimes!  More importantly I can see how hard I am being on myself and how I wouldn’t ever allow others to treat me that way (anymore) so why am I doing that to myself?!?


The very thought makes me want to be kinder to me.

I’m going to go upstairs and paint my nails and the WAIT- GULP- for them to dry.  A reason I do not do them enough, I feel I can not sit and wait for them to dry because there are other things to do.  But not tonight- I’m heading upstairs now- wish me luck!  Hey, I can watch Tae Kwon Do videos while they dry since I have a Black Belt test coming up!  That’s still relaxing isn’t it?!?






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