Thoughtful Thursday- Beast of Perfection

Good Morning Scholars!

It’s been a while, I know.  I have been thinking about my blog and what I really want it to look like.  I guess I could have been posting in the meantime but blasted perfectionism held my hands.  Always trying to work on that BEAST.  The interesting thing is, I always had  abad taste towards perfectionism because of what I thought it looked like- everything in its place.  I certainly didn’t have everything in it’s place so, I did not think I was a perfectionist.  It was quite some time before I realized the type of perfectionism that paralyzes because you have an image of what perfect is and won’t move until you can make it happen.  Now, I think both forms, any form of that Perfectionist BEAST is LAME and needs to be SLAYED to be put out of its misery BUT, It is a FIGHT!

That’s one lesson we should learn from the current president- we for sure do not have to be PERFECT to achieve our dreams or have success!  Lol!


So here I am today FIGHTING!

Life has been really good as of late! :)) I continue to be inspired and motivated to PURSUE a HIGHER DEGREE in Me and I hope the same for you!

I look forward to this blog being a positive corner of cyber space where High Minded people can be nourished! Even if it’s just one sweet berry OR the ever necessary Brussel Sprout!

Love you Scholars!

It’s almost Friday!

You are Loved,




2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday- Beast of Perfection

  1. Here’s my question for you, Shona. As I understand it, voting is not compulsory in the US. How many, who complain about the result, did not bother to vote? How would the result have looked if voting was compulsory, as in Australia?


  2. Hey Ken, thanks for your question. I always vote and the people I have political conversations with vote also so, I honestly have no clue as to how many people complain but did not vote, but I would imagine there are also people who cheer the outcome and did not vote so we hear both non voting voices but for some reason the ones who jeer are called out. No one ever says to the “cheerers”, “Hey you didn’t vote, you shouldn’t be happy about that or get that benefit!” lol! Whenever I do talk to nonvoters, no matter which way they lean, they tend to have an overall indifferent (or even downright negative) attitude towards politics. I would imagine if it was compulsory in the US Hillary would have won since she did win the popular vote and the extra people would have shifted the electoral college wins. US Politics are SUPER messy right now! Worldwide, it seems we are not alone! :/

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