Merry Monday-4 tips to make 2017 your Best Year yet!



Yes, I know today is the 9th!  But it really marks my first day settling into the New Year after a SUPER busy holiday season.

I realized this past weekend that it may actually take a while for people to make the New Year transition.  Now obviously if it takes until July, that may be a bit of an issue or at the very least the year certainly would no longer be NEW, BUT this was my first year where I felt a bit behind.  I mean, I rang in the New Year with cheers, horns, hats and hugs like many all of the world and I was grateful and had a fabulous time BUT apparently it had not really settled in for me. I still had guest in my home and would for a few more days and I could not get into my “flow” of being, planning, and or creating.  Once my house was somewhat back to normal this past weekend, I started feeling the excitement of the clean slate of a new year.  I enjoy clean slates of all kinds and technically, I use many dates as such such as Fridays, Sundays, Mondays, Birthdays, next moments, holidays,  etc.LOL!  But the bigger the slate- such as a WHOLE YEAR- the better!

As usual, just like most ambitious people, I have plenty in the way of goals to keep me busy  BUT this year I am intent on being more focused only concentrating on one or two things at a time in different categories for certain amounts of time.  For example, in FITNESS my goal is TIMELINESS.  This will include consistently getting to the gym by a specific time everyday as well as being timely on weights, machines etc.  My time in the lockers etc.  That will be IT for the next 30 days- TIME.  Not muscle building, weight loss/gain just TIME!  Sure I will get there and workout but for the next 30 days it is all about timeliness at the gym because I have a tendency to dawdle- haha!  It gets done but slowly- lol!  So I am excited about that challenge and happy that for this month (or for as long as it takes if it is beyond 30 days) the fitness GOAL is not about my body!  That’s different huh?  Obviously I will be working out when I get there- New Les Mills Body Pump classes :))) and more, BUT my goal will be- you already know- TIMELINESS!


Same thing for my business, and home- only one or two things at a time.  I am hoping that this slows my daily pace and helps me to be more present and efficient.  If you have done anything along these lines, do share your results with me and the rest of the PHDinMeBlog Scholars!  We could all use good tips and tricks to accomplish our goals this year and every day for that matter! 

Another thing that really has been seeming organic to me that I have been doing is being deliberate about ridding myself of negative people.  I do not really have many of such type around me but I have been letting a few low key Neggies get by.  It seems my tolerance level for it is really waning and more and more I find myself either exiting left around such types or escorting them to the exit door.  

I am growing bOLDER and I feel like focusing on my goals and legacy is all the more important and I therefore have less and less time with any negativity. And besides it is really unnecessary.  I know there is a lot of perspective involved in negativity meaning, what is negative to me may not be to someone else, but that is actually part of the Neggie purging process.  Taking care of myself by acknowledging that it is negative to me and being OK with that.

I share these things in hopes that YOU will be encouraged to make 2017 your greatest year yet!

  1.  Eat your elephant or (for us plant based eaters) coconut tree- One bite at a time!  Break down your goals and focus on ONE thing at a time.  (Two max depending on WHAT number two may be)
  2. Take sometime to get your mind wrapped around the new year!  No one knows what you have gone through and if you need another week to get started- Go right ahead!  There- you have been given permission!
  3. Say goodbye to NEGGIES!  Identify them as soon as possible and either YOU leave (even if it has to be mentally) or THEY leave
  4. And Lastly, a BONUS tip BE SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING to yourself AND others!  It is the only way to not become a NEGGIE yourself and find yourself on the wrong end of a BOOT!

and YES NEGGIE is a PHDinMeBlog Original (I’m known for making up words, it is the poet in me:)  But feel free to use it and tell everyone where you got it!


As it relates to this blog, I am hoping that it becomes more of an outlet for my Creativity in ART such as photography, writing/musings, artistic pursuits (I’m thinking of picking up an instrument this year) and artistic interests, poetry and maybe the ART of politics or political Art- which should be A’PLENTY in America this YEAR- LOL!  I haven’t completely sorted out plans for my sweet blog yet but I DO hope to find a schedule and post regularly! I am hoping AT least weekly if not a couple times a week:) WE… SHALL… SEE…

I really did not put a lot of time into it this past year as you know and that was what it was supposed to be.  I hope you stay tuned as I tune into this blogs direction!  Actually if you have ideas based on what you have seen on this blog ( I have over 300 posts!) as of yet, let me know what YOU would like to see and discuss as a community of Spirit Scholars looking to PURSUE a HIGHER DEGREE in yourselves!!  I will for sure take those ideas into consideration!

I am excited and curious and yes even tempted to be anxious about what lies ahead, but I think that is a healthy HUMAN mix regarding the future.  With all my heart I hope you PURSUE your HIGHER DEGREE with me AND be sure to let me know ALL about it!  I am ROOTING for ANYTHING you do that is FILLED with LIGHT and LOVE for yourself and others!


Peace and Blessings until next time,














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