Thoughtful Thursday! NaNoWriMo Winner

Hey Scholars!

I have found, in my almost two years of blogging, that when someone is missing from their site it is for a variety of reasons, but if they ever had a rhythm going in their blogging and of course if they did not have a bad experience, no matter how long the absence- THEY MISS THEIR BLOG!  Obviously this is not just because of the creation but also because of the community of bloggers and the interaction that takes place, even on a small scale as is the case with PHDinMeBlog so I can only imagine the “larger” blogs!

That said, I have missed my BLOG.  I say that every time I have been MIA and that is because it is always the case.  And if you have read the previous paragraph, missing my blog means missing creating and sharing my voice in this way AND missing YOU!

Well, as of yesterday, I am an OFFICIAL NANOWRIMO 2016 WINNER!  Yay!  I REALLY needed to participate this year.  The first year as I said in my last post was excitement in just seeing IF I could do it.  This year, was more about… well, I did not know WHAT it was about in the beginning.  Actually, it was probably just nostalgia at the success I had last year.  But what it turned into was a process in which I further developed into a  writer (one who writes everyday) and a storyteller (one who uses words to convey…).

It was a VERY successful exercise for me this year and I got just as much out of it this year as last and even better because the lessons were different.  I finished my 50,000 words about 5 days early and I have not missed a beat with writing a minimum of 500 words everyday since.  This is markedly different from last year when after the challenge, it was quite some time before I started writing again and when I did it was sporadic.  It DOES make a difference when you write EVERYDAY. As one of the NANOWRIMO guest authors said at a lecture I attended, “Writers WRITE!”

Well, I have THREE Tae Kwon Do students who need to get to their lessons (belt test coming up this Sunday :(), so you are off the hook for an overly detailed NANOWRIMO summary, but I am proud of myself and want to congratulate ALL other NANOWRIMO winners and encourage all participants to keep writing and keep striving to achieve not just your writing goals but any other goals and dreams you have!  

One author told us she could NEVER do NaNoWriMo.  She said some days all she can manage to do is about 100 words and she said sometimes only a little more than that in a week!  And she is published by a a major publishing house!  So be encouraged and keep that in mind if you did not win.  I have learned (through my NANOWRIMO participation) that every author has his or her own style and that is OK!  Own your style and WRITE ON!



(PS- this is the old Winners Certificate, I will download the new one later- Gotta Dash! 🙂




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