PHDinMeBlog- NANOWRIMO Starts TODAY! Howdy to all fellow Wrimos!

Hey Scholars!

Today is the first day of Nanowrimo 2016!  I did this 30 day challenge last year and it was immesely rewarding!  I went in blind last year and I was successful!  Oddly enough this year I am a little intimadated because I know what is required and the time and committment it takes to be a NANOWRIMO winner- GULP!  SO whereas last year, I was all in this year I’m more like, “let’s see how it goes this first week:/”

I’m at the library because they have a kickoff write-in for the event but littles might be too much of a distraction for the room so, I’m in the youth computer lab.  And my kids are THRILLED!  Every Nanowrimo event comes with snacks such as donuts and chips and they also enjoy the change of scenery and the opportunity to play on the computers after they finish their schoolwork.  Their enthusiasm has played a big role in me attempting this again.  I could say that for quite a few things actually, such as canvasing the neighborhood for treats last night!  Because let’s face it no kid is interested in the tricks!  But yes, I certainly would not have been out their if it wasn’t for their expectation and excitement for going!  Seems to get me everytime-smh.


So here we are 50,000 words in 30 days to have the rough draft of a novel.  That is the challenge.  If you have always wanted to write a book, I encourage you to go to the Nanowrimo website to sign up and get started.  I also encourage you to get involved in local Nanowrimo events.  I did these things and I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my year last year.  It was the year I officially named myself a writer and that is important as so many people wait on others to define them or they wait until they hit a certain benchmark until they define themselves. That is fine if it WORKS for you but if it makes you feel bad about yourself- GET RID OF IT!

Well, I have some words to get on a blank page- YIKES!  I’ll keep you posted!

Light and Love,


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