Meaningful Monday Moment

Hey Scholars!


Here is an important message for you to start your week:  The time will most often NEVER be just right!

You have to MAKE it right by doing one of two things:

  1. Create Time

  2. Stopping in Time

I know you are thinking there is NO WAY a mere mortal like me can ever do those two things but Au contraire mon frere:)

You Create Time by using it in times where you would not ordinarily.  This may or may not be convenient to you but if you want to accomplish your goals (and I know you want to because you feel lousy when you don’t) then it’s a must.

An example of creating time would be getting up an hour early when you would ordinarily be sleeping or staying up later.  Another example would be having a nutritious liquid meal that you can drink at your work desk rather than a traditional meal that takes longer to prepare, plate and eat AND you have to eat at a table or else risk a mess on your desk, chair and keyboard:/


You Stop in Time by changing your routine (if you are fortunate enough to even have one) and simply doing what is needed to be done immediately.  For example:  I am doing my regular vacuuming but I look over and see the wall art I purchased last month has on the floor leaning on the wall.  I turn off my vacuum then and there and hang the picture.  The fact is (for this example) you ALWAYS vacuum!  Or always need to vacuum because many times it’s your excuse for not doing something else.  Why?  Because although it may not be your favorite thing to do, it’s easy and mindless and the fact that it can be a bit arduous makes you feel as if you have done important work and that would be the case if you didn’t feel like a failure every time you passed that sad wall art leaning instead of hanging on the wall.

When you STOP IN TIME, even if you no longer have time to vacuum that day, you will feel relief and fulfillment that your picture has taken it’s rightful place and your home is more a reflection of your best self and tastes!


At the end of the day, Scholars are dreamers and achievers but we can also be independents and rebellious which can create obstacles in the very goals we aim to attain:/

This week, this month, for the rest of this year, and even in the new year, bless yourself by GETTING IT DONE!  You know how- CREATE TIME and/or STOP in TIME!  You will lift your own burdens and become so much more productive when you do!

Try adding these practical and originally crafted tips to your toolbox and Be sure to let me know how it goes! Also be sure to FOLLOW PHDinMeBlog so you can be inspired motived empowered and encouraged on your journey of Pursuing a Higher Degree in Living Powerfully and Loving Passionately!

Choosing Light and Love,



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