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Hey Scholars!

Yesterday a friend came to visit as she is in town from Texas.  During our conversation she told me that she went to a wedding and the couple didn’t know God and they weren’t saved.  She said they asked the guests to blessed their marriage and symbolize it by throwing dirt on a plant and pronounce a blessing.  She said she leaned over to her daughter and said, “They are not saved so we are just gonna say a prayer that they might know God because that is what really matters, not praying for them to have a good marriage.”  I said with a chuckle and goodness only knows what type of expression on my face, “Ok, I’ll have to think about that.”  She then said, OK what would you do?  Would you pray for that their marriage is blessed when they don’t even know God, are being led by their own authority and are not saved?”  She was VERY emotionally inquisitive at this point.

I told her I don’t believe in hell anymore.  A conversation ensued.

Haven’t heard from her.  Not even a thanks for the hospitality (not that I did much because she said she was only going to be here maybe two hours.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the end of that friendship:/  I would release it with a sigh and gratitude.  When my mind and heart first changed on this, I was PETRIFIED I would lose all my (Christian) friends.  That was several years ago.  In fact she mentioned that there was something I wouldn’t tell her about an experience I was having over two years ago and inquired if that was it.  I had forgotten the conversation but then realized, Yes it was!  I have done so much seeking, praying, studying since then that I forget my beliefs which in inform my way of life are normal to me.  I’m not considering that people are paying attention to things I have long forgotten.  



I went a LONG time without telling a SOUL!  This past year I told my husband- he still loves me.  My best friend of 35 years- she still loves me and probably a stranger in the park- they could care less! LOL!  The world is still spinning on it’s axis.  

Being the introvert I am, I did NOT want to have guests over but I pushed myself because I have enjoyed and appreciated this individual over the time I have known her.  I’m glad I did.  The visit gave me a chance to see that the fears I used to have are gone.  No need for a grand announcement to everyone I see- lol- but there is certainly no reason to hide anymore. I’m ready to let go. Spirit told me that I was gonna need to.  Apparently as it relates to this, I already had.  Now, I marvel when I see these things manifesting. I know who I am and whose I am.  I know I am love and I am loved.  I am confident in Christ! Free at Last with Higher Degrees Ahead!

It’s Sad.  But I am so glad of my Freedom in Christ and living for the Abundant life he DIED so that I can have (John 10:10).  SO glad I don’t sit in judgement of people like that anymore under the guise of caring for them and their eternal soul.  I’m so Glad, I understand where she is coming from because I HAVE BEEN HER!  Not to a “T” by any stretch, but in general for sure. I am SO GLAD I do not follow Jesus Christ based on a fear of what would happen if I don’t or even because of what he DID for me but rather because of His LOVE for me, who He is, and his AMAZING teachings!  So I am not mad at her AT ALL. I could go on but it all boils down to I AM SO GLAD.

I know some PHDinMe Scholars are not Christian so in case you do not know, for most mainstream Christians, HEAVEN and especially HELL are a big reason why they have come to Christ and most equate it to having salvation itself.  I know this from personal experience. They absolutely can not relate to someone calling themselves a Christian and not believing in Heaven or Hell, to the point where they believe you can’t believe in Christ or follow him.  I get it- been there.  I should point out that I do believe in Heaven and Hell just not as a destination in the afterlife which is where Mainstream Christians are coming from by-in-large.  I also know other religions believe in similar afterlife destinations/experiences.  My take on those are the same relating to this matter.

It’s FREESTYLE THURSDAY!  Say what you need to say!  Be sure to COMMENT and FOLLOW and Pursue a HIGHER DEGREE of LIVING! Our community is GROWING! THANK YOU!!






13 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- I knew this would happen!

  1. This is interesting because I was having a conversation with my Autistic 13 year-old son today about Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation. Religion is very tough for him to understand. He doesn’t believe in Heaven and Hell as a destination either but more a state of being. He does however believe in some sort of reincarnation Karma. Where as if you are good in this life your soul energy is moved onto the next life in a better spot and if you were mean or “bad” in this life you are moved to a lower station in the next life. It was really interesting talking to him and how he is trying to formulate his beliefs to fit in with the family.

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    1. Hey Marci!
      Whoa! I do not believe for one minute that it’s a coincidence that you were talking about this with your son today and then THIS post! HE has a way… Wow. Thanks for sharing your son’s perspective. I can relate to how interesting you found your son’s perspective. Very recently I spoke with my younger sister about her beliefs in which she stated that she believes no one will Rest in Peace. She believes in Heaven (I haven’t told her that I do not) and says that if Jesus is up there working (on everyone’s behalf, answering prayer, etc.) what makes anyone else think they will not be. She believes people who go to heaven will be working for eternity not resting. I had never heard of such a concept! I asked her why she always writes rest in peace when people die and she says because she doesn’t want to disappoint them. lol! I was amazed! Indeed it IS interesting to find out what people think and to know they may be shielding us from what else they believe and are not even saying. I now tease her and say, I gotta go get my rest NOW! LOL! Light and Love, Shona

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  2. Hi Shona,
    As we follow Christ in our Christian life it is sure to bring us into contact with nonbelievers. When we cross paths with unbelievers we are to sow seeds of truth of God’s love for the world. God has an abundance of seed so we so a lot of seed if we are obedient.

    The condition of the ground the seed falls and is God’s responsibility! Our responsibility is the sow the seed. Personally I can’t tell if a person is ready to accept the word until after I share it, then, I get I an idea of receptiveness. Then I’m rarely right! Thank God he knows!

    As far as an unbelievers wedding? I Pray for salvation, for everyone. If you ask God to touch their lives it will probably cause problems for them! Humans are not very smart! We usually don’t go to God Until the very last thing and we’ve exhausted our personal resources. This usually means trouble in the marriage of some kind. I think Your families personal contact, prayer, and a willingness to enter into their trouble when it comes with grace and love would be a great witness for God. Usually, God manages to bless you through the pain and suffering The couple are going through somehow! Continue to be a good soldier in the Lord’s army my friend. Give everything to God in prayer.

    Well now shot my mouth off what you think Shona?
    In Christ,

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    1. Is that right? Now I know catholics believe in Afterlife. They even have purgatory which is a place you can get it all together before moving onto heaven. A grace that mainstream protestant Christians don’t have- lol!, so I wonder did how he has concluded that. Perhaps organically through questions like myself! What do you think of this belief of his?

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