PHDinMeBlog-Monday Madness UPDATE/Let’s Hear it for the Boys!


So just a little update quickie!

As expected things have improved.  Last week was HARD.  My My My.  But with work and the support of my husband and crazy cousin who contacted me out of nowhere, my head is above water and I am not fighting the current. I’m purposing to relax and ride the wave.

I love presenting as a woman and all that comes along with it! At our best, we reign supreme as nurturers and healers. Let me better clarify lest I evoke confusion (especially nowadays in the U.S.) I say presenting because that is how I describe our earthly assignments during this Natural Experience we call Life.  I am Spirit made flesh presenting as a Proud Feminine Woman of the Soulful, Resilient and Beautiful Black American Tribe residing on God’s soil occupied by Ones who fought battles and won to give it the name USA.  

(Whew, I love the gift of poetry God has given me!  Something about the right words used in the right way at the right time.  It can be nothing short of genius, but I digress;)

Although it’s most likely that when we are down it is a woman who is most often there to lift us up, for me this time around there was not a woman to be found.  I received all my help nurturing and healing from men!  I’m so happy about that.  It’s funny because their energy was SO masculine.  The approach was very, “Get Up Soldier!” I even had to say a time or two, heyyy, be mindful fellas, I’m a woman here not a man- you don’t handle a wine glass and a mug the same way! LOL!  These men meant business and in typical man fashion they were going to save me and win. Neither had any idea what the other was saying as I spoke to them at different times but they spoke from the exact sames places of care, concern and although you may have had to dig in a bit to find it through that masculine veneer, compassion.  I don’t know what it was but these men even- are you ready- LISTENED!!! haha!

(c) Photography by Shona

It didn’t stop there! The divine care I received from Abba through men, on my first day back in the gym in days, was evident in the greetings I received and the doors held for me upon entry and exit! As Deniece Williams said in her 198? song- Let’s Hear it for the Boys!!!

It moves me to think of it!  Everyday Men are not often praised for the WAY they nurture,  heal and help. Today in Honor of my Husband and Cousin, I want to give a shoutout to all the men who do just that- in the most masculine of ways-smh-lol!  Because of them, I am convinced that not only am I easing into my float, but the sun is peaking from behind the clouds faster than it would have otherwise!

Be sure to FOLLOW, LIKE and COMMENT and Hug a GOOD MAN today!!  Tell him Shona told you to!  LOL!

Light and Love, Shona





4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Monday Madness UPDATE/Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

  1. Hi Shona,
    It is strange how we view love! One kind of love is better than another kind of love? God is love. True or false? I find love is narrowly defined by our own personal preference or maybe playlist and maybe it should be called “ilove” in this case. In this style of love we get to pick around what we add to our playlist and not listen to God. We redefined what love is. Sometimes God is very tender with HIs love as I read the New Testament. Sometimes he’s get up soldier love. Sometimes he’s confusing love. Sometimes he’s persecuted and get out of town kind of love.

    Good and perfect gifts come from above. Anytime Love is expressed whether poorly or perfectly it is love. Yes, gentlemen need to come over to the ladies way of love and understand it. Ladies need to come over the men’s way of love and understand it. Both of these ways are expressions from God by God through us.

    I pray I can open up my playlist and that God will put the songs of love in it that he has for me and that I will change and will not make others change to love me. I have found love to be the toughest, most wild, most velvety soft, iron hot, steel cold, cutting, yet most desired subtance, I’ve ever experienced. I do not want to miss out on the playlist that God has for me in the area of His love. Did I say that love was insanely crazy and wonderful? The real question is am I open enough to receive the love that is given me in the way it is given in the strength of the other person, in the language of the other person, in the love of the other person, hence learning to trust my rights to the other person. Is this being one flesh?

    What do you think Shona what does your husband think? I truly would like to know.
    Maybe I’m just warped and crazy!

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Your brother in Christ,

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