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Hey Scholars!

Hope you had a FAB Friday today!

This summer I have been teaching my children from an entrepreneurship course that I purchased from a homeschool conference this Spring.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and all the more so about teaching it to my children, which is teaching and training I never received.

We have been very much enjoying this study and today was our first day of trying their agreed upon idea which was baking healthy cakes.

Although gluten-free is the chief buzz word right now in healthy foods ( two years ago was tree-nut free and before that… well you get the picture) the kids decided to do vegan cakes because they could be eaten by a large variety of people. Unfortunately not gluten- free eaters though:/ Can’t do it all on the first go round at least:/

So I helped of course as the kids gathered all needed ingredients.  My eldest actually starts cooking camp on Monday ( also her birthday!) so she was eager to practice.

They decided we would do an applesauce carrot glee cake! Sounded good to me! We had no recipe so it was off the top of heads which the kids wanted for originality and creativity. I said ok, let’s go for it!

So we gathered every ingredient we thought made sense and ditched all the things we knew didn’t- such as diary butter ( used coconut oil instead:).

Then we got to work!!!!

And it came out: NOT GOOD:/

The taste was super yummy and proportioned so that the apple, carrot and cinnamon was appropriately distinguished in taste but the texture was a fail- too gooey and even after an hour more of baking- still gooey- phooey!

The kids were disappointed but thankfully it was the perfect opportunity to highlight what we studied in our lesson today.  It said that starting a business was like riding a bike.  You fall off many times before you actually learn how to do it. The kids had to answer why the wanted to keep trying to ride that bike even though they kept falling. They also had to answer how they would persevere when faced with obstacles in business. At the table they had plenty of great and enthusiastic answers so it was interesting to see them have to drudge those same answers up with napkins full of spat out ideas and hard work!  But, they did and I could see them connecting the dots between the study and practicality.

When hubby came home the littlest ones did not hold back on how gross the cake turned out, apparently they had plenty of time to think of it by then and it was became worst in their minds- ha!

But all was not lost. This evening before lights out, my eldest said as she led the evening prayer, “I’m glad we started our business and even though it didn’t come out good, we took a chance and got started. Because you can’t learn to ride a bike that’s sitting in a garage.” And I said, with a big satisfied and grateful mommy smile on my face, “Amen. That’s Right.”

Light and Love,






6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Homeschool Summer Edition

    1. Thanks Amanda! So happy of the lessons my children and I learned from our efforts! Yes, most foodies only talk about and post pictures of the recipe wins not the fails but I say- Phooey! No need to Pursue a Higher Degree if your already at the top of everything all the time! This is PHDinMeBLOG! Not PerfectionBlog;) Light and Love, Shona

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      1. Interesting you say that Amanda, I never liked that quote (jack of all…). I bind and rebuke it from my life. First time I heard someone say it about herself, this woman seemed to view her life as a tragic comedy. As a girl looking at this beautiful spirit, I saw her self-reflection as sad. I choose to Master ONE thing in this life. My teachers have and continue to blow me away with their skill. I committed about 18 years ago. I practice it daily and I am good at it, sometimes VERY good. My abilities surpass my expectations sometimes and sometimes I am humbled by my need to improve. There are sacrifices that have to be made that have understandably weakened many an Attempter, but I find that time only strengthens my resolve. By appearances, some think and say I have already reached mastery but a real Master knows better. My appetite for trying new things ranges from food to cultures to experiences and beyond. I find when I expand my palette I am excited, emboldened, and expanded in My Being but most importantly Sampling from life’s Great Banquet gives me an opportunity to Practice Through Play THAT in which I daily exercise Mastery.– Thanks for your comment! I enjoyed replying! Light and Love, Shona

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