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Hey Scholars!

First off thank you so much for the follows, views, likes, and comments!  I TRULY appreciate every single one of you!  Our PHDinMe Community is PERFECT and our Scholars are the BEST!  Why?  Because we are authentic people who recognize the wisdom in Learning and Growing, Sharing and Caring for the rest of our Lives. And we enjoy good company (the high life in general) along the way! Plain and Simple.  So again I say THANK YOU!

(c) Photography by Shona

I got a new roof yesterday!  Actually, that whole project has been one of the  contributors to the internal drag I have been in, but I shall save that for a Freestyle Thursday so be sure to come back to PHDinMEBlog and if you haven’t already be sure to FOLLOW, like NOW! 🙂


Now, to the matter at hand- NUTRITION!

SO, spontaneously I decided to start a fast yesterday.  As you know, I need to break through some things within (mind, spirit).  I am attempting with this fast to eat foods that will put me in alignment with my highest self by helping me to think clearest, be energized and feel my best.

I have decided to eat what I will call Alive before Five!  That basically means simple meals of only Fruits and Vegetables until Dinner!

(c) Photography by Shona

I will still allow myself my supplements because I believe making sure I get certain supplements (as a plant based eater) is best for my health.  SO, I will be using my protein and vitamin supplements as usual such as in my smoothies!


I will also consume no less than 64oz of water during this time- pretty easy for me really.

My thought is that these foods, mostly untouched and still full of vibrancy from the sun (hence my term “Alive”) will enhance my own vitality from within effecting my life internally and externally to the highest degree thereby allowing me to gain what is needed for this Breakthrough and Birth that so desperately wants to come to the fore of my being.

It’s like being pregnant in the Spirit!  This plan is part of my “birth plan” if you will.  I keep hearing TEN, so I will give this ten days.  I can tell you, I have thought of this before in one version or another and never did it because I did not want to activate the discipline (work) necessary to do it.  But, I can see the STILLBIRTH that can lead to.  Tragic.

*Sidenote- has anyone else noticed that certain “Spiritual” people do odd or even drastic things when it comes to diet and it usually has to do with what many would see as some sort of deprivation.  It’s like using food to command the flesh and/or gain self-control. Muy interesante, verdad?!

So here we go!  So far today only a Banana and Raw organic Peanut Butter.  I will be keeping you posted! Feel free to join me!  What are you needing to step away from or step up to so that you can BIRTH into existence that which comes from your best self?!?  Today is your day to GO- no holds barred!  Be sure to let me know what you are doing and how it’s going? I’m rooting for you!  And me!

(c)Photography by Shona

Light and Love, Shona




6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition Tuesday

  1. I’m reminded of a friend, who post cancer surgery, adopted some ideas similar to yours. The first comment was, looked bad, tasted worse – must be good for me!! He’s still alive too. 🙂

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  2. I completely understand you! Also the number ten comes from a lot of fasts including The Daniel Fast which I did for spiritual reasons at the start of this year and it was really transformative and healing! I blogged about it too if you’d like to check that out. I look forward to seeing how this goes for you. And also restricting is simply saying ‘no’ to one thing in order to say ‘yes’ to the good things that will result from your discipline and spiritual strengthening! Enjoy it!

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    1. Hey Abigail! Thanks for your encouraging comment! I am on your site now and it looks great! THEN, in my search for your Daniel fast content, I saw your video! Great Job on the 5 minute creation! I started my YouTube Channel in March so I KNOW the work it takes!! It was fun to see you and discover your accent! But mostly, I was so inspired by your attitude and determination! THEN, that video took me to your you tube page where I saw your acceptance video and although I already knew it, in that 41 seconds you said everything I had said that led me to my fast! How cool! It was just a refreshing blessing today to partake in the gifts you share! Thanks SO MUCH for commenting which led me once again to your blog! I look forward to the great things that are in store for you! Light and Love, Shona

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