PHDinMeBlog- Monday Madness

Hey Scholars,

I have had so much going on lately and nothing going on all at the same time.

I feel like a breakthrough is coming for me if I can just be strong enough and yet I feel that for me, the gal whose always the strong one, a good breakDOWN might be what I need!

I try to breakdown but it generally doesn’t last long and feels somewhat insincere. Seriously, the grass is not always greener for the strong. Especially for those who have not completely crippled the ego. For by gosh, how can we ever let anyone see us sweat from anything other than ambition, iron and/or the achievement of goals?!?

SMH- Phooey!

I know it’s vague but just know I feel bad and what’s worst is I know I can change the feeling as soon as I want which oddly makes it that much worst- smh.

The grass is not always greener in higher levels of awareness.

Its just Monday y’all.  Let’s see how long it takes me to get the ship back on course. Im gonna tell you now that I am tired and don’t feel like doing what it takes to get going against this current and sadly it’s not a BIG current but it’s enough to knock me off balance. Not the hardest thing to do considering how PHYSICALLY tired I have been. Holistic REST is ministry to the self!

I feel like riding the wave. I was resisting ( and exhausting myself in the process) but floating just might be the answer. REALLY.

Wow, the power of writing “it” out.

I’m gonna try to catch the wave and ride this week. Not so easy for those of us on this side of the grass, but I hear the call to see the strength in the float. In the detachment. In the yielding. Why is something that some folks seem to do so naturally is so fear provoking to others?

Lifes tension. I just realized how absolutely necessary it is although I still don’t fully understand the why of it.

Light and Love as I Pursue a Higher Degree- Join Me- I see a roomy boat that can take us to a beautiful and bountiful shore!




6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Monday Madness

    1. To have someone feel what you are saying ( especially when you haven’t even made it plain) is like warm, safe shelter in the time of Storm. Thank you kindred sister for sharing your comment and encouraging me in the process. To feel me was the most important part because that’s what the seemingly insufficient words I used were trying to convey-the truth of- my feelings. Light and Love, Shona

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