PHDinMeBlog/Nutrition Tuesday- Going Vegan?

Hey Scholars!

I don’t know that I have ever made it plain that I am a plant-based eater.  I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years.  I never felt a need to go Vegan for various reasons, such as really liking ice cream- real milk based ice cream!

(c) Photography by Shona (actual birthday cone!:)


This past February, I decided to try to go Vegan just as a challenge.  The thing, I was most concerned about was the Saturday Brunch my husband makes in which eggs are the centerpiece.  I didn’t wan’t him to feel dejected because I wouldn’t eat his eggs, particularly since he always makes a special vegetarian omelette for me.

I devised a plan.  I told him that I was trying vegan and handed him the ingredients for a tofu scramble (which I myself had never made).  I thought for sure he would say, “You better do that because I don’t know how.”  But he looked at the box, frowned and said nothing.  We both went about our evening.

(c) Photography by Shona

I was surprised when the next day after coming to the table I saw a nicely plated vegan tofu entree and most importantly- IT WAS GOOD! For dessert, he whipped out a vegan ice cream I had never heard of from a brand named Coconut Bliss I believe that was really yummy as well.

I was encouraged and so was he as although he is a Master at making his Brunch he is not a cook/chef, let alone a vegan one.

Since then, my plate has been vegan, he has even changed the ingredients from tofu to tempeh and other vegan protein options- on his own.  In fact I have yet to make one for myself at all!  The coolest thing is, he is good at it!  I told him I bet I would not find better vegan “eggs” at the finest Vegan restaurant- and I mean it.  You know I like my food to taste good and they seriously do!

So since then I have been considering myself a Wannabe Vegan.  I do feel better not eating the eggs mostly because I messed around and watched a video that I can’t get out of my head and to spare you I won’t share it but it was NOT GOOD!  Over the years I have become very sensitive about LIFE and its divinity in all forms.  I sometimes even let little bugs crawl along their way (in places where they would NOT have had a chance before!) just to spare their lives.  I did not start out that way and in fact was a vegetarian who would happily share – “it is not about the animals, see my leather shoes!”  I still don’t see it as “about the animals”.  I see it as honoring life and ultimately that was the essence of what it always was about for me except before it was about my own life and now it is about all life.  I see it as personal and take it as a compliment when people see me and say they never knew I didn’t eat meat even though they have known me so long.  They usually then compare me to the Vegetarians/Vegans who they interacted with that provoked guilt-tripping.  I do not believe it is for everyone and I don’t even require my own children to follow this diet.  I just ask that they make the best choices for their body/temple.

Anyhoo, I’m about 90% Vegan these days. Just can’t seem to go all the way yet (I’ve sort of been having commitment issues in general these days- working on it). I also don’t know if I want to be put in the all or nothing Vegan Box.   So perhaps I could say I’m transitioning.  But then that would mean I will be full Vegan one day.  Nah, I like WANNA BE better- for now;)

Light, Love and Good Eats!










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