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Hey Scholars!

Temps are expected to be in the 90’s again today and Our AC has been out for two weeks!

The first week the weather was gracious as we researched our options but this past week, Mother Nature turned up the heat- literally!

© Photography by Shona

We bought fans and the kids have been getting many lectures on how people all over the world live without central air and how we did not grow up with it either! LOL!  Bless their little first world, born in this millenium hearts!  They tried so hard to connect to our stories and build strength and endurance from what we shared but the sticky clothes on their bodies makes it quite a challenge.  

Of course the four year old is not so diplomatic and has been walking around, particularly during cleanup time, proclaiming “I’m so sweaty” as he wipes his forehead with the length of his entire forearm!

I must say it’s amazing how much HUMIDITY central air units take out of the air. OH my goodness.  That’s what beats you down- the humidity.  And fans just spin that hot air round and round.  It totally weighs you down. Sounding a little first worldly myself, I know- lol!


The new AC will be no less than $3500 and that is for the basic efficiency model. Have you looked into new AC’s lately?  The high efficiency models practically bring the arctic into your home for a price that makes you just want to pack up and move there instead.

Also this week, perfectly timed of course, I will be getting a roof replacement. After some wind storms last month, some neighbors came by to tell me they saw damage on top of my roof from their window and thought I should know.  Uhm, I would say so.  This will cost me a homeowners deductible. 

So this week, I will be putting over $6000.00 into circulation- Just.Like.That.  And that’s the tale of homeownership and money.  It’s in moments like this that you wonder:

Why don’t I know how to install an HVAC system or lay a roof!

This is real life in homeownership and money.  Your doing your due diligence, building your bank and WHAMMO!  My husband- way cooler in these situations- says I should just be thankful we have the money to make the fixes.  I am. Just know that being thankful for having it for me still means spending it wisely and looking for the most cost effective way.  And if that means a few days of discomfort, than so be it.  Just reminds us to be all the more grateful when things are fixed!- lol! I AM at the age and stage where I don’t necessarily want the cheapest way.  I have found that usually cost more in the end.

We have committed to being debt free so although these companies offer interest free loans, we have opted out.  I can tell you it’s in moments like this, those offers are the most tempting.

Shocked Woman Holding Her Wallet
C4BA49 Shocked Woman Holding Her Wallet

Would renting be better?  I have rented several times in the past and found it didn’t sit well with me so I homeownership it is but it’s always interesting to hear other perspectives.  One interesting thing for us is that if we sell this house, we will be completely debt free.  It dawned on me one day when I was stressin’ about paying the house off- LOL!  The thought actually made me feel better knowing I could reach my goal whenever I wanted to technically.  Don’t wanna rent though, so I’m back to the stress or shall I say motivation of paying this MONEY GUZZLER off!  

Light, Love and Financial Freedom!









2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog/Money Monday-Dinero for Repairs

  1. The older I get, the more I like the word down size. I want as few stresses as possible and find a more minimal lifestyle very appealing. This is NOT analogous to “cheap.” I gladly spend my money on experiences I can reflect on a lifetime. It’s the “toy trinkets” that have lost value in my life.

    Good luck on your repairs. Cool air during the summer heat makes us all forget the cost for new air conditioning!

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