PHDinMeBlog- Foodie Tuesday


So, although I like the convenience and versatility of salads, many times especially in winter I do not want to eat cold food:/. So this past winter I thought I should try to make soups!  I always enjoy a good soup but the best ones have always seemed a bit intimidating to make to me.

At a friends house, I recently had bean soup. It was pretty good so I thought I would try my hand at it:

Shona’s Bean Soup!

It was good! I will give it an 8. Probably could have used just a bit more salt and maybe even something else that I’m not even sure of to take it from good to delicious but overall I was happy!

I actually simmered dry beans as opposed to dumping them from the  can which someone advised me to do for ease and I think it made a significant difference in taste. I added tomatoes, seasoning, veggie broth and that was pretty much it.

The pot lasted all week which helped with meal planning so overall I would say it was a win!

Im looking to do a broccoli potatoe soup soon so stay tuned!!

Light, Love and Good Eats:)




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