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Last night we dined at the home of a woman ( and her family)  I recently met. I had spoken to her previously about 3 or 4 times and the last time I did she invited me and texted me right away to make plans. About two weeks later here we were. Kudos to my Brave Husband who came along even though he had never even heard me mention this lady before. I really don’t even know if I would:/ but I can not count how many times he has done it! Lol!!

How did it go you ask! It went really good! They make their own Kombucha! And I almost felt tipsy after a few bottles- haha! The had just bought the house a few weeks prior and had a ball showing us around! Nice house! They had THE SWEETEST little boys ( next to mine of course;) and an alert infant girl! They made an effort to be sure we felt comfortable and they accomplished their mission!

Its funny because even at my age and stage, I still like to open the door to new acquaintances who could become friends! Whats really cool now is that these days it’s much easier to filter who is for a great night and who is for keeps!

So what about you all? Do you still like making friends or do you think that’s child’s play? What do you think of friendship? Leave a comment and be sure to follow PHDinMeBlog!!

Light and Love,



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday

  1. There are friends, and there are REAL friends. A few of mine have been friends since our high school days, and this year we celebrate our 55th year since leaving!!!
    Sadly, we don’t entertain as much as we did when we were younger. That doesn’t stop us having great nights out with friends.

    Someone is making a point in your photo, Shona 😉
    G&P, Ken

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