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Hey Scholars,

I am just back in the house from a morning of all kinds of appointments and errands.  I actually needed to do a few more things but it is BRICK outside!!! (That’s “urban” slang for RIDICULOUSLY COLD!)  And we got an inch of snow this morning and its windy so on top of the cold we have snowing blowing all around making it look like it’s snowing when it’s not:/ SMH!  My last stop was the gas station, and I am not kidding I almost felt tears come into my eyes at the thought of having to get out and pump but that orange gas light would not go away so I had to!  I did a double check after I filled up because I was almost certain my fingers had fallen to the ground!

In case you hadn’t guessed, I am NOT a fan of the cold AT ALL!!  In fact and I’m sad to say this because somewhere within me I think all of nature should be celebrated.  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy that with the coming of winter is the going of pesky annoying mosquitoes and gross flies but I just find cold weather like this (and this is not as bad as it can get) intolerable! URGHH!!  This motivates me all the more to succeed in my business so I can get a summer home-HA!  

What does this have to do with nutrition?  Well, Right now I am really hungry and I have nothing prepared!  And after all of the ripping and running with kiddos I just did in the type of weather we are having, I do NOT feel like making anything.  This is a recipe for disaster!  BUT thankfully, I have my PHDinMeBlog Campus Community!  Just in letting you all know keeps me accountable for pursuing a higher degree in my meal choice!

Now I just need to Pursue a Higher Degree in Meal Planning so I don’t have to yield to the wrong temptations when I am hungry (and cold:/)  Now, what will I have…

Do you plan and prepare your meals ahead of time?  What’s your method and what day and  time do you find works best for you?  Do you think meal planning is necessary?

Leave a comment!  I enjoy reading them!  Be sure to FOLLOW PHDinMeBlog now!

Light and Love,




5 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday

  1. The lady of this house thinks ahead – one or two days anyway. I think you know we only eat fresh (not packet). In winter, the home made soups last at least three meals usually. You could warm up with my winter garden post from Monday 😉

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  2. I meal plan every week to avoid the tempting thought, “what do I feel like eating at this moment?” Instead, I’d rather ask myself, “what do I feel like eating this week?” There is a HUGE difference. Often, what we feel like at a specific moment in time satisfies a possible underlying need (emotional quite often.) When we plan for a week, it is more likely based on what we think our bodies need. Meal planning reduces stress eating and provides better nutrition which leads to better physical and mental health.

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  3. I love meal planning! Check out my Fabulous Foodie page for meal inspiration and healthy batch-cooking ideas that can last you through the week and put them in your fridge or freeze them! If I don’t meal-plan I definitely give in to the cravings and temptation. Pizza is often my go-to order-in cheat food, and I definitely would rather steer clear of that right now!!!! p.s. sorry about the cold! I’m like you, it makes me want to cry!

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