PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday, I’m BACK!


Hey Scholars!

There is so much going on and so much to look forward to as I begin this new year!!! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! SO glad you all will be here to share the journey!

As it relates to MONEY!  My husband and I sign up for a FINANCIAL bootcamp and had our first live virtual class this past Saturday!  We try to do one big financial course together at least once a year.  Last year we did Dave Ramsey and the year before Jim Sammons for example.  This one is called The Black Wealth Bootcamp by Boyce Watkins, PHD in Finance.  I had literally just heard of him via Facebook and signed up for his emails when I saw that he had a bootcamp starting.

The first session so far has been much of what I already know, so for the money I spent, the content will have to beef up if I am going to be even remotely pleased with this course.

In defense of the course, I must say yesterday his coordinator called me and asked me if I had any questions and I told her my concerns.  She said they were legitimate and began to let me know what else I could expect from the course.  We spoke for nearly 30 minutes and she came across completely upbeat, professional and authentic.  I was impressed with her and as a result more impressed with the program.

Classes will take place the next 4 Saturdays so I will be keeping you posted!

In closing I will ask, How will you be increasing your financial IQ this year?    What do you think of life-long financial education?  Who are some of your fav  “money” teachers?

I look forward to hearing from you and learning with you!

Light and Love,





4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday, I’m BACK!

  1. I like to read and listen to videos on morningstar. Fidelity has a good web site for their customers that has an informative learning center. Brokers and wealth managers have also provided a wonderful education. I have managed my own portfolio for the last 15 years. It requires an ability to separate emotion from a game plan and only adjust the game plan if one’s circumstances in life changes. Otherwise you will find yourself participating in the typical mistakes of buying high and selling low!

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    1. This is a perfect reply Dr. Jonathan! I am not familiar with these resources and look forward to checking them out! The advice on managing ones own portfolio is invaluable and I certainly plan to keep it in mind and use it! Thanks so much! L&L, Shona


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