PHDinMeBlog-Happy 2016

Hey Scholars!


Can you believe it?  2016 is here!  This is one of those years from me that I saw coming but still feels like it should not be here yet.  BUT I love New Years, so I am excited to have this “blank” slate to “write” on and I plan to  “write” a lot.

Pardon my MIA status but we still have family in town and in my effort to be the best hostess possible, I have not made time for several regular things that I do (such as blogging).  I DO miss you all!  Of course my “regulars” of whom I look forward to checking out what I have missed on your blogs! And I am incredibly excited for the new followers!  What an encouragement!

Are you all as excited as I am about this new year? I have several big deals (ideas) on the burner that I look forward to sharing with you all! What are some of your plans?  For yourself, your blog, etc.!!!  Let me know!  I’d like to hear plus it will be a good place to put it out there and help keep yourself accountable.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time, be sure to follow!  Great things are to be– in 2016!

Light and Love,




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