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Hey Scholars!

This is it!  The week of CHRISTmas!  Are you Ready?  Do you have family coming in?  Are you traveling?  I am excited to have extended family here for the holidays for this first time since we have been in this home!

It’s Money Monday and today I will be talking about my business.  I will be meeting with a new client this evening.  I am very grateful but I must confess, I had been “business blue” (yes, that’s a Shona original;) for the last few weeks:/.

I have been a bit gobsmacked by people who sign up and even pay money to do the program and will not take action and implement it!  I’m realizing that the mental/psychological aspect of this is HUGE and it can really be draining if it is not positive and by the same token results in this business can make one euphoric because you KNOW a life has been changed for the better!  Honestly, I had one client and I really wondered if their aim was to see how much they could rebel against everything I said!  -lol/smh-Why someone would pay money to do that I have no idea but they did and ongoing at that! This was a waste of time for both of us and although I was paid for my services, the time spent was not best used which from a business perspective is actually a waste of money in that I could have been using that time to plan, market or spend with clients who were actually serious AND ready to do the work.

I had to really stop and reevaluate and get focused about what I truly could offer and what was beyond what I could do and really craft a plan to present that to clients.  I had to come to realize that I can not help everyone just based off of my own enthusiasm and passion. Different people have different needs and may even need a different coach and I had to learn to be ok with that.  I have had to learn to be prepared to not accept clients and therefore money, whose needs, wants or desires I just cannot meet as a coach.  This means I have to be as clear as I can be about defining my offerings and also having the courage to implement an exit clause, which didn’t even enter my mind in the beginning.

So with a new perspective and approach, I get ready to meet a new client tonight!  I hope it’s a great fit for both of us and we enter a mutual journey of Hope, Health, Excitement and Freedom and Have fun doing it!  But I will not let my imagination create something that is not there and if what I can offer will not be the best service for this client, I will give them the list of references that I am creating and steadily adding to and I will thank them for their time of which I care about too much to waste either of ours and I will bid them (and the money) a light and love filled farewell.

What do you all think?  If you have any constructive feedback for this new business owner do share!  I’m sure it will be a help to me and other community members!  Also, stay tuned because my company-PHDinME- is preparing to do BIG things in 2016 and I want you all to be a part of it!  Be sure to make my day and FOLLOW PHDinMeBlog now!

Light, Love and Learning through Business, 





One thought on “PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday/New Client

  1. I am in awe of your courage to start this venture and your enthusiasm should ensure your success. As a long term survivor of the corporate world, I often contemplate what would have happened if I had had the guts to do what you are doing. Retirement is the best! G&P, Ken

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