PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday-When the Camera won’t upload…just pull out the Label!


Hey Scholars!

I was all ready to tell you wonderful people about the new items I purchased at the store today that I was stepping out of my food box and giving a try, but the phone won’t let me upload my photos! 😦  Oh well, I can tell you a little!  OK now, no bows and arrows here but I  have never eaten a date! (Don’t you dare give me that look!!:) – lol!  I purchased two different types of dates because I have never eaten them and wanted to know the difference!  Plus I was excited about getting them as I have been hearing a lot about them lately so I may have went just a wee bit overboard!  NO matter, I enjoy that about me!  I also purchased several other things that I will share in my upcoming reviews.

Since I  can’t share my fun pics of my new food purchases, I am going to share something I found that I was equally excited by and will be using a version of in my Holistic Health Coaching Practice!  Check this out will ya:


Isn’t it beau- T- ful!

Some of us take reading labels for granted but many still do not read labels or know what all everything means.  This Nutrition Label sample spells it out and makes it lain and adds detail even a label reading veteran can benefit from!

Do you read labels?  Do you find this informative and helpful?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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Light, Love, and Labels!





5 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday-When the Camera won’t upload…just pull out the Label!

  1. The one thing we also seek out is the country of origin. We get really depressed when the only source is from country whose politics and exploit of labour don’t match our high standards. Dates happen to be one of those commodities!

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    1. This is a good point Ken. After reading this I looked at the date cartons I have and the Medjool dates were from the USA and the Deglet dates were a product of Tunisia but I have no idea of the standards which particularly now that you point that out, I think is important. I do not know if I should thank you or not for giving me this homework Ken:/) L&L, Shona

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      1. LOL. We’d love to grow our own dates, but we choose USA over ME countries. We get really hacked off over stuff we do produce (lemons come to mind), but still face imported products in the supermarket (USA in the case of lemons!!!). 🙂

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