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Happy Friday Scholars,

So my Coat of many Colors review is favorable. I was not expecting anyone to be an Emmy nominee from the movie, although I wouldn’t be surprised if several of the young girls in the movie did.

I was surprised how boldly they proselytized and that NBC allowed it. These days I would have thought any outright mention of the name of Jesus would be offensive and not a chance a mainstream network would be willing to take. Glad to see that was not the case.

You might be interested to know that my children thought Dolly Parton looked scary! Smh! It was weird because I am used to Dolly and although I know she looks, well… Most of the time I really don’t see it because I’m used to it and because of the other reasons that I like her. My children- not so much😳. So being the good homeschooling family we are, we turned the discussion of her looks into a lesson on plastic surgery and aging gracefully.

They did enjoy the movie though and were glad to stay up late to watch of course!

As for fitness ( bet you thought I’d never get to that huh?), I knocked out my Insanity class this morning! I pondered quite a bit on the phychosocial element of going OUT to the gym to workout!  So much of it has to do with the people! One of the maintenance guys at my gym, whenever he sees me says ( real loud!) “how’s it going there lady?” And I say “great, how about for you?” And without fail he says ” Peachy, just peachy!” As he swirls his colored paper non Starbucks coffee cup! Hahaha! Gotta love it! And I do!

Light, love and Peaches,






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