PHDinMe-Freestyle Thursday/Coat of Many Colors



Tonight was our last Tae Kwon Do Class before break!  Yay, for breaks!!!! Next, school break- another Yay.  I enjoy everything we are involved with and when you go hard the Breaks are all the more DELIGHTFUL!

This is not gonna be a long post because I am setting up to watch DOLLY PARTON’s COAT OF MANY COLORS!!!!

I don’t have cable anymore so I have to watch TV the old school way- when it comes on Network and with commercials-hahaha!  It’s hilarious because I was the DVR QUEEN!  I had so many recorded shows that I NEVER watched it wasn’t even funny! But of course it really was!

Please tell me I am not the only Dolly fan!  Imma tell ya, it’s sort of hard to find Dolly fans these days especially when you are not a country music aficionado, of which I am not.  I just like Dolly!  I like her exaggerated look and how she fusses over herself, I enjoy her voice, I respect how long she has been married, I like her “story” and I GREATLY admire her business acumen!  I don’t know her personally, but Dolly is Old School and STILL rocking the Game.  I like that!

So, It’s on in 4 minutes, and OH Ricky Schroder is playing the father which means we are ALL getting (B)OLD (which I LOVE)!!!  I thought he was the cutest thing when I was a little girl and he was on Silver Spoons!

Well, gotta go:images-19

And I will always Love you,



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