PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday


Hey Scholars,

The kids and I stayed up last night watching NBC’s live production of the Wiz! Overall, I thought it was good! It was nostalgic because I played the WIZ in a community theatre production back in 2002! The guy who was supposed to play the part came down with a throat issue and the director asked me to take his place! In a second I went from multiple ensemble roles to the title character! And it was the first play I had ever been in!  The cast was so amazing that I could hardly blame some of them when they started throwing me shade like, ” why her?!” Haha! Anyway, the production was a success, received glowing reviews and I learned a great deal!  Haven’t been in a play since but lots of my cast mates went on to make theatre arts their profession!

What in the world does this have to do with fitness? NOTHING much, except the play lasted much longer than expected and the kids got to stay up way late which means I went to bed way late! BUT I still made it to 5:15 am Insanity! I did not impress myself with my workout but, I got a sweat going:/


Tomorrow, I test for my recommended black belt in Taekwondo! This is a BIG test Scholars! I have to do everything I have learned this far in nearly three years in order to receive a belt that will signify that I am a candidate for a black belt. It is half black and half red to signify I am one step away from black!

2014-12-04 19.05.21
Shona with rainbow scarf!

My nerves are tempted to be wound up but right now, I’m more sleepy than anything else! Testing starts at 9am, location is an hour away:/ AND I gotta be there early of course! The whole crew is coming so I hope they take pics that I can share for Family Saturday!

Say a prayer for me!

Light, Love and HIGH kicks,




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