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Allow me to share!


I DID IT!  This was the project I was working on for November!

One of my goals for this year was to write a book and 10 months came and went and it did not happen.  I had not committed to my plan to execute the vision of writing the book.  At the end of October, I was in the library and saw that a national author was coming to speak for NANOWRIMO!  I had NEVER heard of it, but I was interested in hearing from the author.  I came home and looked up NANOWRIMO and I was very interested.  In short, it is a challenge to write a novel of no less than 50,000 words in a month.  And for me it would be starting in a few days!  It was a long shot seeing I would be trying to do in a month what I hadn’t been able to do in TEN months! But I was amped to try! I told my husband about it and with his support, dove “write” in!

I went to the library to meet the national author and that sealed the deal. I was surrounded by amazing local writers and this guy totally inspired me, which is funny because he was not a great speaker or presenter at all.  In his defense he is a writer, not a speaker, so…  But he was so down to earth and had a practical approach that I just connected to.  He gave us some exercises to do that really encouraged me in the craft!

The goal is to write at least 1667 words a day.  My goal was 2000.  You will much more than likely end up with just a first draft, but of course that’s a great success if you do! In fact the author told us his first 7 or 8 novels are still in his computers and that most first novels are horrible! HAHA!

The first day was a Sunday and after I wrote 800 words I had to leave the house to pick up my kids.  When I returned to the computer later that evening, to “wrap up” the words were gone!  Apparently I hadn’t saved them and I was “too through!”.  After searching the same places on the computer like a crazy lady, I accepted my fate, dug my heels back in and wrote about 600 words before I had to turn in for the night.  I was outdone but I was thankful that it happened early on and you better believe I hit “SAVE” all throughout the rest of the contest!

I was sure to attend local library events throughout the month and checked out veterans of the event on youtube.  Most WAY younger than me, so the video uploads weren’t always an immediate connection, if at all, but I got the point and they helped to motivate!  I made my word count 6 days early and had the whole family around when I downloaded my novel to NANOWRIMO , hit submit and received my digital winner’s certificate and sponsor prizes!  It was a GREAT feeling to accomplish that goal and have my family see me do it!  Who knew that book would come through in NOVEMBER! I totally thought I would have to hit replay on that goal for 2016!

The most important thing that came through this challenge was that I completely claimed and embraced myself as a writer.  I have been for years but thought that in order to claim that I had to have a published book in hand.  Now I know that the number one criteria is to WRITE!   Writer’s write (I got that from the national author!) Sure I have lots to learn and hone but I have the natural talent to start from and now I have shown myself that I actually do have the discipline to follow through on this.  Perfectionism held me back in the past and kept my books halted but I broke through that!  One phrase that got me though the  perfectionism was, “you can’t edit a blank page!”  SO TRUE!

SO there you have it!  Your girl did it and she is a WINNER! And a WRITER too!

Thanks for your support! And I even though I didn’t think I could do both, I STILL posted to PHDinMEBlog every day (save one) while writing my NOVEL! Go me, Go me! Whew, so nice to celebrate yourself!  I HIGHLY recommend it!

Hey, what did you want to do in 2015 that you think it’s too late to do?  What do you want to do in general that you think it’s too late?  It may sound cliche, but so what if it does, I’m here to tell you that most often as long as you are still HERE, It’s NEVER too LATE!

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Light, Love and Words,







6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Freestyle Thursday

  1. Congratulations, Shona! That is a great accomplishment. I hope you’ll keep with it. I finished my first (and only!) novel in 2003, and it’s been sitting on my computer for 12 years, with two major edits in the meantime (from 480 pages to 357 pp). I’m only just now starting to send it to agents; so far I’ve only sent it to 5 people but it’s too early for any response, although I imagine I’ll be rejected many times. To do the novel in one month is great!

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