PHDinMEBlog-Nutrition Tuesday-Eat Sugar!



Check this out:



Could this be why a whole generation has been ravished by illnesses such as diabetes?!

Use this as a reminder to educate yourself and do your own research. Don’t take the words of ad’s and industry!

Light, Love and Sweetness,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMEBlog-Nutrition Tuesday-Eat Sugar!

  1. This is a great example of faulty advertising. Sugar does cause a spike in energy, but at what cost? If people begin to rely on sugar for energy boosts, they will destroy their bodies from the inside out. There are healthy ways to increase one’s energy. These methods should be implemented to produce the desired outcomes. Thank you for passing forward this important message.

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  2. Many years ago, I was in the USA over a weekend. The Sunday brunch at the hotel was amazing. I looked at what the locals were piling on their plates and thought “it is a wonder they are not all overweight”. Then I realised – mum, dad and the kids – they were all overweight!

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