PHDinMeBlog- Spirit Sunday/Happiness


What do you think?  Was John’s mom correct or is the key much more complex?


If you don’t already know, it’s just a matter of starting the journey of finding the righteous things that bring you happiness- true happiness, the kind that lasts and blesses more than just YOU!

If you already know what brings you happiness, be GRATEFUL and indulge as often as you can. Be blessed as you bask in the “understanding” of life!

Light, Love and Happiness,


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8 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Spirit Sunday/Happiness

  1. Shona, I do not know if you missed my response prior. You disappeared from my list. I know that occasionally happens as I have accidentally un followed someone and hope that is what happened with you. Paul


    1. Paul there was no accidental unfollow as my choice was intentional due to content on your blog that I am not in alignment with that I was unaware of when I originally followed. I think you refer to it as Adult Content, which you have every right to post and I have every right to not want to subscribe to. As this decision will not change, there is no need for further dialogue about this topic or my appearance on your list. Thank you for your support of my blog these past few weeks. I have appreciated it. Be Well! Shona

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      1. Well I only wrote a few of them as a dare. There are lots of female writers that emailed me directly to challenge me to see if I could write something as such. I did label them. I am sorry you were offended and I literally have 2300 posts and less than 12 adult themed and I did not want to lose you over them. I am glad that you responded and felt that may have been an issue. I am actually uncomfortable writing them as they are merely memories or fiction but I had actual dares by viewers via email. I again apologize if they offended you. I would delete them from my site and not write in kind if it made you more comfortable. Losing you is honestly a huge blow to me. You are an important person to me and your opinion means a lot and like I said I would delete all posts that offended you. I literally have published authors that challenged me. Both men and women. That is the only reason I did so. I normally captioned them and gave a warning in hopes that nobody read them if they were not OK with it. I am sorry to lose you.:(


  2. I simply love this! Happiness – well I am without a job come January 1, but am actually looking forward to it. I am looking forward to being out of the legal field, having a new start/beginning, a new career (which I am starting out at – a Personal Trainer), and finding my inner peace and happiness. I really need that an I believe this is finally my way of getting it, being out of a job due to my law firm closing it’s doors as all my attorneys are retiring. 🙂 xo Thanks for a great post hun!


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