PHDinMeBlog-Family Saturday/ Welcome Classie


I so enjoy uplifting traditions!

5 years ago when my eldest was 5, we began a tradition of visiting a great local tree farm on the day after Thanksgiving ( or soon after we get home if we’ve traveled far for Thanksgiving) to find our new Chriatmas Tree and have Daddypops ( our family nickname for my husband, Marc) chop it down!

We always enjoy ourselves immensely and this year was no different! We have gone in all types of weather. Two felt beyond freezing cold, one year I remember seemed perfect ( Marc says he doesn’t remember that year and that they were all freezing:/), last year was snowing and yesterday was raining and muddy! No matter the weather, we brave them all and come home with the perfect tree which the kids name every year! This year it’s a girl name Classie!

Marc chopping down Classie with great care! For his head that is! Lol!

The farm we go to is super and every year Santa is there (save one devastating year we shan’t discuss lest it ruin the mood:/- haha) to greet the kids, take pics and listen to their lists, sometimes and elf or even Mrs. Claus comes as well!


After we select our tree, which takes a nice little while for serious tree hunters as ourselves, we ride back to the barn to have popcorn and hot chocolate while Daddypops pays and helps load up! On our way home, with Classie strapped snug to the roof of the car in green and red netting, We talk about our adventures in the field and how we always seem to get the best tree on the farm!

Here’s to the blessing of traditions and creating memories that will last forever!

Light, love and a Joyous upcoming Christmas season,







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