PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday/Never too old!


Hey Scholars!

Don’t you just love when your holiday Friday feels like a Saturday?  It’s like getting two Saturdays instead of one for the week!

I am ALWAYS inspired by well, inspirational people and all the more so when they have reached the silver years, so this evening when my husband introduced me to Ms. Constance through this video, I was literally moved to tears with just respect, admiration and happiness.  I was also so very proud of her trainer and gym family!

This is just a pic so it will not link if you press it- sorry:/  But if you have 4 minutes type the link into your browser and check it out! You WILL be glad you did!!


Light, love and inspiration to get FIT,




8 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday/Never too old!

  1. This is what life is about. No more whining, no more complaining, just get up and move! No one thinks about it, but ANYTHING living that stops moving, DIES. As a chiropractic physician, my job was to find “segmental dysfunction” (spinal and extremity joints with mechanical dysfunction) and restore proper MOTION. Motion is the essence of LIFE. Loss of motion leads to degeneration leads to tissue death in the body. This is a major culprit of arthritis.
    I just wish people saw the “light” PRIOR to experiencing all the pain and suffering that so many go through. Wouldn’t it be nice if PLEASURE (the feeling we experience from good health and balance) provided enough incentive for people to make better decisions?

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      1. Ok so after I typed this it dawned on me that pleasure is personally defined and what some may find pleasurable another may not. Example: I was talking to someone about working out recently and she said she didn’t like to work out because she “hates to sweat!” For me, sweating is one of my favorite parts, because I see it as a measurement of my effort! My pleasure is her pain.

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