PHDinMeBlog-Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Hey Scholars!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

You should already know that I am thankful for YOU!!! My blog community has been such a source of blessing and uplift since we began months ago and I am GRATEFUL! You know what else I am grateful for? My homemade cranberry sauce! Guys, guys, guys- smh ( very exaggerated, just picture it-lol!) The cranberry sauce came out DEE LISH SHUSS!! I can not believe that I EVER ate cranberry sauce out of a can -GAG- or bought ” gourmet” sauce from the store!

I followed the directions to a tee (minus the allspice- so I guess that’s not officially a ‘T” huh:/  ) and it came out SO GOOD ya’ll! Check the pics below!:

It was SUPER easy and the berries were a gorgeous, vibrant, brilliant red!!  It felt festive just to make it.  I thought I would have to blend it when after 5 minutes there were still plenty whole berries in the pot but by the time 10 minutes rolled around most of the berries had burst and what was left was smooth berry sauce goodness with just enough berry to add needed texture!

What did the kids say you ask?  They said it was too sweet!  And none of them were fans but they DID try it and that’s all I ask of them!  I actually took it as a compliment that they said it was sweet because that was one of my original concerns considering how tart cranberries are.  The ONLY sweetener I added was pure maple syrup and I thought it was perfect!

I have quite a bit left so I will be freezing it and seeing what I can add cranberries to in the weeks ahead.  It will probably get pretty crazy! HAHA!

So there you have it, as promised!  This recipe was a 10 out of 10 and I, yes moi, nailed it!

LOVE YOU ALL and THANK YOU for supporting PHDinMEBlog!  You Rock!  Your first time here?  Be sure to FOLLOW as we Pursue a Higher Degree of Living!

Light, Love and Thanksgiving,




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