PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday


Today, I was a vender at a local Fall Fling!



Promoting my health coaching business and emphasizing healthy weight management based on simple, good nutrition and high quality supplements!

I’m learning A LOT!!  Health/Wellness is my thing not marketing/promoting or selling for that matter so this part is a stretch and a challenge for me BUT, I’m all in and won’t stop until my goal with this is attained!  Ya’ll know I’m introverted in real life, so I could easily and very well watch the world go by than directly engage, but I know that’s selfish considering all I have to offer so I press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling!

Here’s to Good Nutrition for a Healthy Body that serves as the vehicle for making dreams reality!

Light, Love and Peas (one of our products and one of my fav’s;)


(by the way, the gal in the pic is my business mentors daughter- kinda cool huh?!:)

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